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Dog owners
Dog Owners Hold Entire Conversation Using Fake Dog Voices
Dog owners Michael Greig and Sally Burbridge conducted an extensive conversation without once using their adult voice when they met
royal family satire
Family Reliant On Government Hand-outs To Have Second Child
SPECIAL REPORT: In a decision that many are labelling irresponsible, a Kensington couple who only a year ago had their
Iraq Mission Being Blatantly Disrupted By Federal Budget, Says Government
Concerns have been raised within Cabinet that local issues may be diverting attention from the more important matter of Australia’s
fathers day
Families Gather To Celebrate Power Tools
Families around the country came together today to show their appreciation for hand-held machinery
scotland satire
Scotland To Still Do Washing, Drop In For Occasional Meals In UK
Scotland will become independent, but still call in for a home-cooked dinner on a Sunday, its population confirmed today
power plant
Renewable Target: 20% Of Australia’s Electricity To Be Powered By Burning Scientific Reports
With traditional coal supplies in decline, Australia’s energy providers will be encouraged to use scientific reports as a key input
ice bucket challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge To Finish On Sunday
Humans will pour water over their head for four more days, then get back to regular life and wonder what
joe hockey satire
Government Still Trying To Sell Budget (All Reasonable Offers Considered)
2014 Federal Budget, Urgent Sale Up for sale is one Federal Budget. Only 3 months old, low kms
Facebook Announces New ‘Boring’ Tag For Boring News Feed Items
Facebook will begin the introduction of a ‘boring’ tag to help users distinguish between items on their newsfeeds that are
Local Terrorist Calls It Quits After Dole Payment Threat
Saying he believed in jihad, but not that much, local terrorist Sam Hughes* has decided to call time on his
the truman show 2
Truman Show Sequel To Be About Man Who Discovers He’s Only Person Not On A Reality TV Program
The much-anticipated sequel to Peter Weir’s seminal 1990s film The Truman Show will go into production early next year, it
Tony Abbott satire
Abbott To Send In 3-Star General To Secure Australia’s Internet
Following a week of confusion about the exact details of Australia’s data retention policy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott moved to
abbott sporting analogy
Abbott Running Out Of Sporting Analogies
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be forced to describe his policies using comparisons to sports such as netball, hockey
Glasgow Closing Ceremony To Feature Same Clichés As Opening Ceremony, Just Deep-Fried
The closing ceremony for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games will feature the same tacky stereotypes that appeared in the Opening
work for the dole
Work For Dole: Unemployed To Spend 25 Hours A Week Helping Companies Sift Through Job Applications
Asking unemployed Australians to “apply for a job of a morning, and sort through a pile of poorly-thought out, templated