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ebola bomb
We’ll Help Fight Ebola If You Let Us Bomb It, Government Says
The Australian Government has told the international community that it is happy to help the fight against Ebola, as long
Microsoft Word Spellcheck Not About To Just Let You Change From U.S. Spelling
The Microsoft Word Language Function admitted today that, while it knows you changed the language from US English to Australian
putin birthday
Birthday Boy Putin ‘Humbled’ By Intricately Stage-Managed Spontaneous Outpourings Of Emotion
A visibly surprised Vladimir Putin said he had “no idea” the Russian people were planning such an elaborate compulsory pageant
Iraq war
Government Stresses It Can’t Comment On Operational Matters Regarding Last Night’s 8:57pm Aborted Air Strike By Three Super Hornet Jets Near The Small Syrian Border Town Of Kobane
Citing the obvious dangers of revealing precise details of Australia’s operations, a spokesperson made it clear to a packed press
Nerf Gun Attack Foiled By Australia’s Federal Police
A large scale and well-planned attack in a suburban living room was shut down before it began today, after a
Men Who Will Never Be Married Meet To Decide Which Other People Can Never Be Married
A group of men who have vowed never to marry or have children will meet in Rome this week to
parliament house
People Caught Entering Parliament House With Their Agendas Hidden
A special investigation has revealed serious security breaches at Parliament House in Canberra, with evidence to suggest people have regularly
Government’s Budget Problems To Be Covered With Giant Burqa
The GP co-payment, changes to welfare, and a range of other unpopular budget measures will be concealed beneath a fully-enclosed
george clooney
George Clooney’s Farts ‘Perfect’, Says Media
Actor George Clooney’s farts have a cheeky, but refined elegance, the world’s media reported today
Doctors Desperately Trying To Photoshop Kim Jong-Un Back To Life
Gravely ill and suffering from suspected heart issues, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was last night being operated on by
ASIO To Watch While You Have Sex
An ASIO agent will be discreetly stationed behind a curtain when you have sex tonight, Attorney-General George Brandis revealed today
scotland and england
Scotland And England Having The Best Make Up Sex Ever
Scotland and England have not stopped bonking since nine o’clock this morning
bono iphone
Siri Replaced By Bono
Users of Apple’s new iPhone were today surprised to find the well-known personal assistant, Siri, had been replaced by an
great barrier reef
Great Barrier Reef To Be Moved To Tasmania
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef will be broken down into small pieces and re-assembled off the east coast of Tasmania, in
tony abbott satire
Australia’s Terror Threat Level Raised To ‘Budget Problems’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken the extraordinary step of raising Australia’s threat level from ‘medium’ to ‘budget problems’, saying