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gillian triggs
Children In Detention Spending Free Time Debating Whether Gillian Triggs Is Politically Biased Or Not
Locked behind bars, and locked in conversation, the 200 or so children being held in Australia’s off-shore detention centres have
australians in bali
Australians Threaten To Keep Holidaying In Bali
Thousands of Australians have vowed to maintain their holiday plans in Bali if Indonesia does not change its stance on
chris bowen
Chris Bowen Randomly Dropping Taxation Rates Into Conversations, Friends Say
Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has been shoehorning figures from the Australian Taxation tables into every social interaction possible, his friends
Tony Abbott carbon tax
Abbott To Re-Scrap Carbon Tax
Eager to stamp his authority and set a clear direction for his Government after the recent leadership scare, Prime Minister
Anti-Vaccination Campaigners Not About To Just Start Injecting Their Arguments With Facts
A group of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children say their beloved little theories could become sick – or
arthur sinodinos
Arthur Sinodinos Says He ‘Can’t Recall’ Whether He Supports Abbott Or Not
Former Government Minister and Howard advisor Arthur Sinodinos says the Prime Minister may or may not have his backing, but
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Confident He’ll Lead Liberal Party Until At Least 1959
Dismissing leadership speculation as ‘nonsense’, Tony Abbott says he is determined to lead the country well into the last century
Gwyneth paltrow
Trendy New Steamed Dumpling Restaurant Opens In Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina
Billed as the hottest new night out in Los Angeles, an entrepreneurial chef is making the most of all the
taylor swift
Hottest 100 Win Could Be Just The Break Taylor Swift Needs, Says Manager
Taking out the top position on the annual countdown of Australia’s most popular public radio station could be the start
Government To Legislate Against Further Temperature Rises After Record Hot Year
With 2014 confirmed as the hottest year globally, and the third hottest in Australia, the Government has taken a decisive
Sport In 2025 To Be Just A Coin Toss And A Few Fireworks
In an effort to make them faster and more appealing to younger audiences, sports like tennis and cricket will be
fox news birmingham
Fox News Is A ‘No-Go Zone’ For Humans With A Brain, Expert Confirms
In a stunning disclosure today, an expert has revealed how parts of the media have become “off limits” to ordinary,
charlie hebdo satire
Gunmen Shocked To Discover New Charlie Hebdo Magazine Already Set Up In Afterlife
Three Islamic terrorists who had expected to be welcomed to the afterlife by 72 virgins and everlasting paradise, were instead
hipster beard
Not Having A Beard Now More Ironic Than Having A Beard, Hipster Reveals
Taking the time to shave your facial hair is now even more ironic than letting it grow long, it has
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison Looking Forward To Managing Portfolio That’s Responsible For Human Beings
Scott Morrison says it will be an exciting and invigorating new challenge to work with real people again, after more