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Alan bond
Alan Bond Buys ‘Prime Piece’ Of Heaven From Kerry Packer
80s business tycoon Alan Bond has paid a billion dollars for a small patch of Heaven that Kerry Packer first
peta credlin
Peta Credlin Has Attended Every Question Time Since February. You Won’t Believe Where She’s Been Hiding.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been carrying his Chief Of Staff around in a box, it has been revealed
peter dutton
Citizenship To Be Replaced With Letter Of Commendation From Peter Dutton
Australians will need to get a personal recommendation from Immigration minister Peter Dutton if they want to keep living in
carlton sepp blatter
Carlton To Snap Up Sepp Blatter
Victorian AFL team Carlton is set announce former FIFA President Sepp Blatter as its new coach, after the Swiss administrator
cafe beard
New ‘Real Café™’ Nespresso Machine Comes With Beard
Billed as “the closest thing to actually being in a café”, the new Nespresso coffee pod machine comes with bushy
same sex marriage bill
Liberal Party Urged To Stay Away From Same Sex Marriage Bill To Avoid Catching Gay
Almost all Coalition MPs chose not to attend the introduction of the same sex marriage bill today, after party officials
Sepp Blatter Willing To Speak About Corruption At FIFA, For A Fair Price
The President of world soccer’s governing body FIFA has vigorously denied there has been any corruption at his organisation, but
bill shorten conscience
Nation Braces Itself As Politicians Announce Plan To Use Their Conscience
Labor politicians will use their conscience as early as next week, it has been revealed
dating app
New Dating App Connects You With People Within 1 Metre Radius
A new app called LookUp alerts users to family members and spouses located within 100cm, encouraging them to start a
God Forgets To Send Plague To Destroy Ireland
The Almighty Father slept in this morning, missing the opportunity to punish Ireland for allowing two people of the same
will and kate
Will & Kate: “We Take Turns Asking The Nanny To Change The Nappies”
In another sign of a more modern, in-touch Royal Family, Prince William and wife Kate have cast aside traditional gender
Bill Shorten
Bill Shorten Waiting For Perfect Moment To Start Role As Opposition Leader
Labor front man Bill Shorten will use the element of surprise as his main weapon against the Coalition Government, party
boston bomber
Boston Bomber Sentenced To Martyrdom
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to 100 years of adoration from extremists for the role he played in the 2013
Kevin Pieterson
Kevin Pieterson Could Disrupt Our Unique Losing Culture, Says England
Picking one of the world’s best batsmen could disturb the special losing feeling that the team has been cultivating over
Johnny Depp Dog
Johnny Depp’s Dogs Claim They Didn’t See Government Advertising Campaign
Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo Depp say they were unaware of an Australian Government campaign that explicitly warned dogs travelling