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maurice newman
Maurice Newman Is A Hoax, Sources Confirm
Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman is an elaborate prank, it has been revealed
boycott bali
“We’re Only Holidaying In Countries That Have Banned Capital Punishment, And America,” Say Angry Australians
An increasing number of Australian holiday-makers say they will boycott all non-American capital punishment nations
apple watch
Human Life Now Entirely Taken Up With Checking Things
Humans now have something to do in the dead time between checking their phones and checking their iPad
John Key
Pulling Someone’s Hair Is Just The Kiwi Way Of Flirting, NZ PM Says
Pulling a woman’s ponytail is just New Zealand shorthand for ‘can I have your phone number’, the country’s Prime Minister
PETA advertising
Model In PETA Advertisement Hasn’t Been Shorn In 5 Years
The controversy surrounding an advertisement from animal rights activists PETA, has shifted from whether the fake sheep has been shorn
Camp Gallipoli
Camp Gallipoli™ v The Original Gallipoli: Can You Spot The 9 Differences?
This year’s Camp Gallipoli does a pretty good job of replicating the original Gallipoli event of 1915. But take a
malcolm turnbull wine
Malcolm Turnbull Downs A Glass Of 1998 Bordeaux In Under 26 Minutes
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shown his lighter side, finishing a glass of limited release Bordeaux and a bowl of
Tony abbott crying
Little Boy Not Giving Victoria Its Funding Back Until They Let Him Play With His Cars
A fifty-seven year-old little boy says he will keep Victoria’s transport funding locked up in a secret box underneath his
fresh in our memories woolworths
Woolworths Launches New Campaign To Commemorate Fallen Members Of Marketing Department
Supermarket chain Woolworths has followed up its much talked about ANZAC promotion with a moving new campaign that honours the
corporate barbie doll
New ‘Corporate’ Barbie Doll Earns 85% Of Ken’s Salary
She’s ambitious, smart, and earns almost as much as Ken did for the same role in 2002. Meet the new
Western Australia Threatens To Secede From Rest Of Reality
The Western Australian Liberal party says its state may withdraw entirely from the real world if it doesn’t get a
stop the boats movie
Travelling To Australia Is A Bit Treacherous, Says Movie Targeted At People Living In War Zones
A multi-million dollar movie funded by the Australian Government will point out to people facing imminent attack from the Taliban and
tony abbott
Abbott Vows To Stop The Human Rights Smugglers
The Coalition is the only party with a workable plan to stop the influx of human rights onto Australian shores,
apple tax haven
Apple Unveils Sleek New Tax Haven
Apple CEO Tim Cook today announced the company’s latest offering – a beautifully designed offshore tax-avoidance scheme, named the iHaven
ghosts of girlfriends past
People Who Illegally Downloaded ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Forced To Watch Matthew McConaughey Rom-Coms On Continuous Loop
Australian internet users who illegally downloaded Oscar winning movie Dallas Buyers Club will be forced to watch How To Lose