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Most Australians Now Contestants On A Cooking Show
The majority of Australians spend their evenings competing on a televised cooking program, new figures have revealed
bronwyn bishop helicopter
Charter Helicopter Industry Facing Collapse
A number of Australia’s private helicopter charters have been placed in voluntary administration, following Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation yesterday
bronwyn bishop
Bishop Resigns, Budget Returns To Surplus
The Federal Budget will return to surplus next week, not 2020/21 as previously forecast
shorten and abbott
Bipartisan Support For Extensive Cosmetic Changes To Parliamentary Entitlements
Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced today that they will work together to deliver sweeping tweaks
“We’re Not Racist” Say Fans Who Only Boo Black Player
It’s just a coincidence that the only player we abuse is an outspoken Aboriginal man, a section of AFL fans
labor conference
Labor Meet To Discuss New Ways To Remain Irrelevant
Labor delegates will meet in Melbourne this weekend, with the party divided on the best ways to alienate their supporter
Union Jack Tony Abbott
Abbott Puts Forward Suggestion For New Flag For When NT Becomes A State
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has conceded that Australia’s flag may need to change if the Northern Territory becomes a state,
joe hockey defamation
Hockey’s Wife Forced To Raise Rent To Pay For Defamation Legal Fees
A night in Melissa Babbage’s Canberra home will rise from $271 to $850,000 today
Bronwyn Bishop probation
On-Probation Bronwyn Bishop Restricted To Travelling At $80,000 An Hour
Speaker Bronwyn Bishop will be subject to a number of restrictions during her probationary period, including a maximum travel allowance
bronwyn bishop diaries
Choppers & Champagne: The Bronwyn Bishop Diaries
Wednesday 15th July 1:00pm Floyd, one of my personal assistants, comes running into my chambers rather frantically, and asks me
bronwyn bishop taxpayer money
Bronwyn Bishop Starts Day By Smoking Huge Joint Made From Ground-Up Taxpayer Money
Arriving early at Parliament House this morning, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent the best part of an hour meticulously rolling and
solar power
Abbott’s Solar Compromise: “We’ll Support Using The Sun’s Energy, As Long As It Involves Mining It”
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made a partial back down from yesterday’s solar investment announcement, saying today that he
house prices australia
House Prices Set To Skyrocket, Plummet, Flatline, Expert Warns
Australia’s house prices are set to rapidly rise, fall, and stay the same, says Jacob Whittlesee, the financial expert who
coal mine
Stringent Conditions Will Minimise Risk Of Unsightly Wind Turbines At New Open Cut Mine, Greg Hunt Says
Environment Minister Greg Hunt has reassured farmers in the Liverpool Plains region that the strictest conditions have been put in
dawn fraser
Dawn Fraser Becomes First Australian Woman To Destroy Reputation In Under 44 Seconds
Australian swimming champion Dawn Fraser has completely ruined her reputation in just 43.24 seconds, smashing the previous record