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Man Who’s Having An Affair Is ‘Going Out To Get Some Exercise’ Again
Unable to use the normal excuse that he would be working late or had an important client function to go
“Go On, Off You Fuck”, Queen Tells Coronavirus
Covid-19 can go and eat a bag of dicks, the Queen has said in a rare speech to the nation
learner driver
Learner Driver Let Off After Telling Police She Was A Hairdresser Driving To A Bootcamp-Themed Wedding In A Food Court
A 17 year-old Learner driver from Victoria has been told she no longer has to pay a $1600 fine for
australian government surplus deficit
Understanding Government Spending In Australia
There’s been a bit of confusion lately about the difference between a government surplus and a government deficit, and how
SEALED SECTION!! Eleven Photos Of Crowded Places To Feast Your Eyes On!
China Begins To Lift Coronavirus Restrictions: Citizens Free To Go Back To Doing Whatever Government Tells Them
In the first sign of a return to normality, Chinese Officials have begun to lift strict coronavirus-related restrictions and returned
The Black Death Was Widely Exaggerated, Andrew Bolt Says  
Sky News commentator Andrew Bolt says the bubonic plague has been blown out of proportion
Woman Working From Home Forced To Have Awkward Kitchen Conversation With Herself
Saying she missed having inane conversations with work colleagues she only vaguely knows, Sydney office worker Katie Schaefer has decided
Bullshit Stories About Coronavirus Are Growing Exponentially, Worrying New Graph Shows
An alarming 146,251 ridiculous new opinions about coronavirus were confirmed in Australia yesterday, up from 122,023 the day before
When Is It Ok To Leave My House? Australia’s Coronavirus Restrictions Explained
Australians have been told not to leave their house unless it’s absolutely necessary. So what is a permissible reason to
Morrison Acts Swiftly To Save Ansett From Total Collapse
Saying he wanted to get on the front foot before things got worse, Scott Morrison has announced a rescue package
Busloads Of Tourists Are Travelling To Country Towns To Spread Conspiracy Theories, Mate’s Dad Says
A mate’s friend’s uncle’s dad said that busloads of tourists are travelling to his small country town, spreading conspiracy theories,
Man Working From Home Holds Useless 2-Hour Meeting With Himself
Saying he wanted to replicate the feeling of working from the office, Melbourne account manager Liam Hickey has set up
back in black
Government To Fund Deficit By Selling 3.7 Billion ‘Back In Black’ Mugs
The Coalition says it will fund its $130 billion economic stimulus package by selling the remaining 3.7 billion ‘Back in
“America Is The Best At Coronavirus, It’s Incredible!”
“America is winning at coronavirus, it’s incredible,” the President has confirmed