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“When Will Daniel Andrews Take Responsibility For Hiring Private Security Guards In South Australia?”: By Peta Credlin
"As premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility"
Locked-Down South Australians Excitedly Await Unsolicited Advice From Victorians
“I won’t be able to leave my apartment for a week, but on the plus side I’ll be able to hear about how much harder it was in Melbourne"
Scott Morrison Praises SA Government, Saying They Made Right Decision To Be Liberal
"They've taken decisive action to be Liberal, and they will benefit from that decision".
Whoops! Federal Court Accidentally Fines Government Wrong Amount For Robodebt Compensation Claim
"It's based on complex maths that you wouldn’t understand"
Tim Smith Offers To Travel To South Australia To Help Undermine Response To COVID Outbreak
“Just let me know what your plan to get on top of this is and I’ll relentlessly undermine it"
Pauline Hanson Demands Borders Reopen So She Can Start Shitting On Immigrants Again
"I’ve lost my entire reason for existence"
“We’ve Uncovered A Sophisticated Plan To Rig The Election” Say People Who Accidentally Booked A Press Conference At A Landscaping Company
“We've crossed our i's and dotted our t's" said the man standing outside a run-down warehouse next to a sex shop”.
Scott Morrison’s Ten Tips For Avoiding Awkward Questions From Your Family This Christmas
Don't want to tell your Mum why you haven't got a boyfriend yet? Sick of answering questions about when you're going to get a real job? Prefer not to delve into 'what you've been up to' this year
Liberal Ministers Reaffirm Position That Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between A Woman, A Man And His Bit On The Side
"It's about giving a child a biological mother and father. And a step mother and a half sister,”
World Breathes Sigh Of Relief After Only 48% Of Americans Vote For Corrupt, Racist Sociopath
"It’s comforting that only around 1 in every 2 people want to be led by a crime family"
Trump To Give Concession Speech At The Marriott Hardware & Lumber Warehouse
"The event will not take place at the Marriott International Hotel as previously advised"
Donald Trump Has Released An Official Statement
"You're not the boss of me!"
Biden Calls George Bush To Congratulate Him On A Well-Run Campaign
“Joe I’m going to stop you there"
Biden Becomes First Adult To Win Presidency Since 2012
The incumbent – a 74 year-old little boy from New York – has held the position since
Off You Fuck
What’s that? Can’t hear you over all the tears