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First COVID Vaccine Recipient Already Being Bombarded With Microsoft Office Update Requests
"Being controlled by Bill Gates is more annoying than I expected"
Morrison Promises All Stranded Australian Liberal Politicians Will Be Home By Christmas
"We must not abandon our fellow well-connected former Liberal ministers who are travelling on European junkets during the middle of a pandemic"
Reverse Parallel Parking Has Been Confirmed For The 2028 Olympics
"Judges will make comments and suggestions while the competitors are in action"
BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Contracts COVID, Rushed To Johns Hopkins Total Landscaping For Treatment
"He was not taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital as previously advised".
Rudy Giuliani Has Already Filed 37 Law Suits Against His COVID-19 Infection
He has lost every single one.
Germans Who Skipped Quarantine Not Brown Enough To Be Border Force’s Responsibility, Dutton Confirms
“Had they been from Gambia, not Germany, then we would’ve been all over it like Scott Morrison at a Bunnings photo shoot"
The Real Human Rights Abuse Is That The Chinese Now Have To Pay $199 For A Bottle Of Yellow Tail Shiraz
Has someone called the
Team Trump Now Claiming Joe Biden Stole Election By Getting More People To Vote For Him
“What we’re seeing here is a large scale attempt by the electorate to install Joe Biden"
Chinese Citizens Told They Must Condemn Australia’s Human Rights Record, Or Risk Imprisonment
“We ask citizens to publicly condemn Australia’s human rights record on a state-controlled social media platform of their choosing,”
Morrison Appoints Scott Cam To Rebuild Relationship With China
"It's time to take foreign policy seriously"
Young Couple Who Work At Google Already Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
"I’ll say ‘What is …’ and Jack will say ‘Dwayne Johnson’s net worth'. He just knows".
Pauline Hanson Condemns Use Of Term ‘Black Friday’, Saying ‘All Fridays Matter’
"We're in danger of being swamped by Black Friday sales"
Scott Morrison’s 5 Tips For Surviving Hotel Quarantine
1. Ask for a 40-room suite: You’ve probably heard the horror stories of families cooped up for two weeks in a 12 square metre studio apartment without a window. Easy mistake to make. Had they asked to be upgraded to ‘The Lodge’ they would’ve had plenty of space to spread out and get out of each other’s hair. When you’ve got a different bathroom for each day in quarantine, it makes the whole thing a little more interesting
OPINION: Scott Morrison Has Chosen An Odd Year To Take Off
Running the country hasn’t grabbed Morrison’s attention in the same way that, say, using a sexist trope to name a group of chickens has
Morrison Forced To Self-Isolate With Just His Closest Photographers And Image Consultants
"Creating relatable content doesn't stop just because you're in quarantine"