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National Guard Finally Storms Capitol Building After Black Janitor Accidentally Enters Building Through Wrong Doorway
"This is now a dangerous and highly volatile situation"
Sydney Man To Sidestep NYE Restrictions By Holding ‘SCG Test Match’-Themed Party For 20,000 Mates
“I wanted to be sure I stayed within the guidelines"
COVID-19 Cancelled To Allow SCG Test To Go Ahead
“Out of an abundance of caution we have decided to cancel the COVID-19 virus"
The Queen’s 2020 Christmas Message Is A Bit Different This Year
"Some fucktrumpet thought he could outsmart a virus by buying 400 packets of spaghetti"
Scott Morrison Wishes Australians A Merry Christmas “From Me, Jen And The Whole Image Management Team”
"A time to come together with your family, makeup artists and professional photographers"
New, Simpler Emergency-Alert System Just Requires Australians To Check Whether Scott Morrison Is On Holidays
“If he’s on holidays, assume there’s an emergency gripping the nation. If he’s not, then you can safely say everything is under control"
QAnon Anonymous
For people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including … wait for it …
Northern Beaches Residents Rush To Stock Up On Rock Lobsters And Prosecco, As Lockdown Looms
"I haven’t got so much as a bottle of '08 Bollinger. But in a pandemic it's all about making do"
TRADE WARS: Kmart Australia Retaliates By Removing All Chinese-Made Goods From Its Shelves
"You can hardly notice the difference"
Morrison Shows How Committed He Is To Stopping Boats By Stopping All Trade Vessels Too
"He's smashed the business model of Australian exporters"
The Contact Tracies
With COVID spiralling out of control the Health Department has recruited the best contact tracers money can buy - two teenage girls
Margaret & David Review ‘2020’
Guess how many starts they gave it
Scott Morrison’s Curry Addiction
There’s been a crisis meeting at the PM’s office about his love of curry metaphors. This sketch is part of
Oxford Dictionary Reveals 2020 ‘Word Of The Year’
‘Fuck, really?’ has been named the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2020.
Scott Morrison Revealed As Creator Of Mysterious Desert Monolith
"It deflects everything that comes into its path. It’s definitely Scott”