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Christopher Pyne satire
BREAKING: Even Christopher Pyne Finds Christopher Pyne Annoying
The only person in Australia who supposedly did not find Liberal MP Christopher Pyne annoying – Christopher Pyne himself –
australian satire
‘Awkward’ period between football and cricket seasons forces people to have real conversations
With the AFL and NRL seasons finishing up last weekend – a full six weeks before the first Test Match
Tony Abbott satire
Sensitive Tony Abbott’s about-turn on asylum seeker policy: “Hugs not Tugs”
Australia’s caring-and-sensitive Opposition Leader – who we now know prefers Downton Abbey to the footy and cries when watching The
Alan Jones satire
Alan Jones puts forward suggestions on how to fill airtime, now that his show has no advertisers
With sponsors of Alan Jones’s 2GB breakfast program abandoning the show en-masse this week, the Sydney broadcaster has been left
Julia Gillard satire
Safety helmets to be made compulsory for all media conferences
Legislation passed Parliament today making it mandatory for anyone – not just politicians – to wear a safety helmet during
nokia 5110
Nokia relives glory days with 1998-themed party
While Apple was celebrating the launch of its new iPhone yesterday, the once popular mobile phone company Nokia was having
Chris Brown jokes
Chris Brown gets the word ‘Loser’ tattooed on his forehead
Controversial American singer Chris Brown has been seen in a Los Angeles nightclub showing off his latest tattoo – a forehead
Peter Jensen
Archbishop Peter Jensen proposes plain packaging for homosexuals
Last night on the ABC’s Q&A program, Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen backed claims by the Australian Christian Lobby that leading
‘Faking it’: Target’s customer service may also be fake, sources claim
Just days after discount department chain Target was accused of selling fake M.A.C cosmetics, it has be claimed that much
Kyle Sandilands satire
Kyle Sandilands goes a whole month without making a sexist comment
Radio host and gifted misogynist Kyle Sandilands was seen celebrating with friends last night after going a whole month without
3d glasses
Opera Australia to perform entire 2013 season in 3D
It has often been accused of being stuffy, rigid and out of touch with the times, but Opera Australia has
Gina Rinehart’s 5 Easy Steps To Becoming Rich
1. Make sure your dad is really wealthy Do whatever you have to do to be born into enormous wealth
Facebook satire
‘Honest’ comment about friend’s baby leads to social media crisis
Over the past six months the Facebook friends of Julie Opey have been subjected to literally hundreds of status updates,
Tony Abbott satire
Tony Abbott concedes: “I haven’t read anything since 1972”
Last Wednesday Tony Abbott admitted on the ABC’s 7:30 program that he hadn’t read BHP’s statement about plans for the
Julia Gillard hard hat
Julia Gillard to contest next series of The Block
Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced today that she will be a contestant on the 2013 version of the hit renovation