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Horse Told It Can Stop Running Around In Circles
A horse was told yesterday that it no longer has to run flat-out in a circular motion with a small
Margaret Thatcher satire
British Public’s Memories Of Margaret Thatcher To Be Carved Up And Sold Off
In a final nod to the benefits of market capitalism, Baroness Thatcher has, on her deathbed, asked that all public
satire America
USA Delays Intercontinental Missile Test, Due To Fears It May Have Been Misinterpreted As An Intercontinental Missile Test
The United States military has put its planned testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile on hold due to concerns North
Kim Jong-Un satire
Kim Jong-Un Facing Tough Choice Between Nuclear War And Jam Doughnut
North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un was today weighing up whether to start a nuclear war with arch enemy the
Tony Abbott satire
Tony Abbott To Scrap Climate Change If Elected
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will ditch the Labor Party’s climate change if he is elected to office in
Sydney Family Forced To Cancel Second Overseas Holiday
In a sign of just how tough life on Struggle Street has become, the Jones family of Sydney today announced
gay marriage satire
12 Dead, Scores Injured As Gay Couple Marry In California
America’s worst fears became reality today when a gay couple tied the knot in the Californian capital of Sacramento, killing
Simon Crean satire
“I Was Bored” Simon Crean Explains Why He Called For Pointless Leadership Spill
ALP elder statesman Simon Crean says he was “just looking for something to do” this afternoon when he urged the
Jack Daniels
Man’s Story About How Much He Drank Last Night “Actually Not That Interesting”, Friends Say
Sydney man Johno Yates was shocked to discover this morning that his friends didn’t find the details of his drinking
Gluten free
“So, I’ve Got Some News! …” Woman Secretly Hoping To Be Diagnosed As Gluten Intolerant
A woman who was tested for gluten intolerance this week says she’s quietly looking forward to breaking the news to
Catholics To Start Paying Their Hotel Bills
In a sign of allegiance to their new Pope, Catholics around the world have promised to pay their hotel bills
Tony Abbott satire
Tony Abbott Gets His Homophobia Removed In “Routine Procedure”
The doctor who removed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s homophobia last week said the procedure was delicate but low risk, “a
pope satire
Applications Received So Far For Pope Job “Not All That Inspiring” Says God
In a media conference this morning God said that he was “a little disappointed” with the applications he’d received to
australian political satire
Calls For Residents To Be Alerted When Politicians Are Released Into The Community
Victims’ rights groups have called for a registry to be set up to alert residents when Members of Parliament enter
Mumford and Sons
Man Trips Over His Banjo, Accidently Writes Next Mumford & Sons Album
He’s only been learning the instrument a week, but when Melbourne man Jeremy Knight tripped over his banjo in the