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Google Accidently Pays Tax In April Fool’s Day Gag Gone Wrong
Search giant Google – known for its elaborate April Fool’s day pranks – was in damage control after it accidentally
Obama Demands Trump Release Certificate Proving He Was Born With A Frontal Lobe
Saying the American people deserved to know the truth, US President Barack Obama made calls today for Republican frontrunner Donald
new austarlian flag
Design For Proposed New Australian Flag Unveiled
A bold design for a new Australian flag was revealed today, as part of a renewed push to replace the
Republican Establishment Longing For Sensible, Coherent Days Of George W Bush
With the prospect of Donald Trump winning the Presidential primary seeming increasingly likely, moderate Republicans have started to wonder whether
Sharapova drugs
Sharapova Forced To Hand Back Her Australian Open Loss
Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been ordered to relinquish her quarter final Australian Open failure, following a positive drug
cory bernardi UN
EDITORIAL: Who Is Going To Make Sure We Don’t Have Sex With Donkeys While Cory Bernardi Is On Secondment To The UN?
Today the Federal Government announced that it will send South Australian senator Cory Bernardi on a 3-month secondment to the
George Pell profit & loss statement
Vatican’s Financial Statements, Prepared By George Pell, Leaked To Media
The Catholic Church made net earnings of ‘I cannot recall’ in the last financial year, according to documents prepared by the Vatican’s
Facebook Adds Cory Bernardi Emoticon To Its List Of New Reactions
Facebook launched its new range of ‘Reactions’ around the world today, giving people the chance to label a post as
Iraq map Bush family
Heartbreaking: Jeb Bush May Never Get To Play With The Little Piece Of Iraq His Father & Brother Left For Him
When Jeb Bush – brother of George W, son of George Snr – pulled out of the race for President
God Starts Arduous Task Of Selecting This Year’s Grammy Winners
God has spent the weekend sifting through more than 300 artists nominated in 83 categories at this year’s Grammy Awards
turnbull and morrison
Forthcoming Recession To Provide Welcome Respite From Labor’s Economic Emergency
The recession that many believe will hit Australia within the next few years is a sign the economy is slowly
james hird never coached essendon
EXCLUSIVE: James Hird Denies Ever Being Coach At Essendon
Unhindered by contractual obligations or court proceedings, James Hird speaks exclusively to The Shovel about what really happened during Essendon’s
Here’s The Tinder Profile Rupert Murdoch Used To Woo Jerry Hall
Rupert Murdoch has announced his engagement to Jerry Hall. Here’s the media mogul’s Tinder profile. 
ISIS Scales Back Operations After Bronwyn Bishop Confirms She’ll Run Again
The effect was almost immediate. On Wednesday afternoon former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop announced she would contest her seat again in
joe hockey washington
Hockey To Balance Dual Tasks Of US Ambassadorship And Finalising 2014 Budget
Former Treasurer Joe Hockey says he is confident he can manage the day-to-day tasks of his new US ambassador role