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michael phelps released into wild
Phelps Released Back Into Ocean
Saying he was ‘ready to go home’, a group of trainers today released Michael Phelps back into the wild today
shot put weird
World Enters Two-Week Period When Throwing Heavy Concrete Ball Deemed Normal
Twirling around in a circle and throwing a 7kg ball as far as you can while wearing a Lyrca suit
The Shovel’s Seat-By-Seat Election Analysis Is Everything You’ve Been Waiting For
Trying to get your head around this election? We’ve done the hard work for you, profiling all 3,459 electorates in
WATCH: Draconian New Gun Laws Require Americans To Count To 10 Before Buying Firearms
There are fears America is turning into a nanny state after President Obama announced sweeping changes to gun laws that
richard di natale profile
On The Campaign Trail With Richard Di Natale
We’re 158km north-east of Melbourne on the highway towards Albury, and Richard Di Natale – leader of The Greens ­–
gun control america
Imagine If Guns Could Actually Kill People, America’s NRA Wonders
Reminding Americans that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, the National Rifle Association today painted a doomsday picture of
Malcolm Turnbull’s Ultimate Transport Makeover
Malcolm Turnbull's corporate jet has undergone a transformation into the ultimate commuter vehicle
mathias Cormann the shovel
We’re Just Abiding By The Rules, Say Only People With Power To Change Rules
Getting paid $270 to stay in your own house, without any of the tax implications that apply to other people,
sophie mirabella the shovel
Mirabella Reveals: “Even Voters Are Against Me”
Following her allegation that the Liberal Party is trying to undermine her, Sophie Mirabella now claims that voters may be
news limited pays no tax
Aussie ‘Battler’ Pays No Tax, Says Media Organisation That Also Pays No Tax
A multinational media organisation that last year paid around 0.1% of its turnover in tax has written a lovely little
clive palmer dinosaurs
Clive Palmer To Retire, To Spend More Time With His Family
Saying he wanted to be around to see Rip and Molly grow up to be big dinosaurs, Queensland billionaire and
scott morrison budget 2016
Scott Morrison Tells Australians: ‘We Need To Live Within Your Means’
Travelling business class to Canberra every week is fucking expensive, the Treasurer has reminded the nation
the shovel's budget night bingo
The Shovel’s Budget Night Bingo
It’s budget night! Play along at home with The Shovel’s Budget Night Bingo. Follow us @TheShovel as we live-tweet the budget from just before
Negative Gearing Used Most In Poorer Suburbs Like Toorak (Where Average Taxable Income Just $82.50)
New modelling released by the Government shows that the nation’s poorest suburbs take advantage of negative gearing laws most, not
prince george obama
That Confused Look When Some Strange Man Tells You He Had To Win An Election To Become Head Of State
Prince George had his mind blown yesterday when some guy came to his house and claimed that he runs a