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christmas tree
Weird family puts dead tree in corner of living room
“White men aren’t allowed to talk anymore” Joe Rogan tells 190 million listeners during 3-Hour podcast
"We're being silenced"
Apple Unveils Plans To Revitalise Notre Dame Precinct With New Flagship Store
Saying it would become an iconic new destination the likes of which have never been seen in France, Apple has
Gastroenterologist Katie Allen Enters Politics To Work With Even Bigger Arseholes
Gastroenterologist Katie Allen has been pre-selected to contest the safe Liberal seat of Higgins, saying she is looking forward to
Matthew Flinders Dies After Waiting Two Hundred Years For A Fucking Train
Explorer Matthew Finders has passed away after waiting two centuries for a train at Euston Station in London
pie thrower
Man Who Threw Pie At Alan Joyce Sentenced To 24 Hours On A Jetstar Flight
The man who smashed a cream pie into Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s face has been ordered to spend an entire day in Jetstar
barron trump
New FBI Chief Named
Barron Trump has been named the new head of the FBI, following an extensive search that spanned the entire Trump
trump orange
These Pics Of A Young Donald Trump Are Breaking The Internet
Forget young Justin Trudeau or young Joe Biden, a collection of pictures of Donald Trump in his junior days is
us travel ban
US Travel Ban: Muslim-Americans Follow Lead Of Republicans By Pretending To Be Christian
With many Muslims now banned from entering the United States, some have been left with no choice but to pretend
sussan ley
Sussan Ley Nips Down To Shops To Buy Milk, Spontaneously Buys Shop As Well
Health Minister Sussan Ley has impulse-purchased a shop, on a trip to the shops today
Last Resort: Syrian Rebels Consider Launching Devastating Online Petition
After more than 5 years of armed conflict, Syrian rebels are turning to increasingly drastic measures, with some now considering
Australia Falls 4 Places – From 18th to 28th – In International Maths Rankings
In a wake-up call for the nation’s educators, Australia has plummeted on the international maths rankings tables for students, falling to
We Analysed Donald Trump’s And Adolf Hitler’s Tweets – The Similarities Will Shock You
Many comparisons have been made between America’s President-elect and the German Nazi leader. Most have been dismissed as sensationalist, misleading,
melbourne development
Melbourne To Be Completely Rebuilt After Being Accidentally Destroyed By Developers
The city of Melbourne will be rebuilt piece by piece after an embarrassing blunder that saw the entire city ruined
sophie mirabella indy
Mirabella Says Election Loss Deprived Wangaratta Of $10 Billion Iron-Ore Mine
Former Coalition MP Sophie Mirabella told a gathering today that by voting for independent Cathy McGowan, voters in Indi missed