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Kevin Rudd satire
Man With 40 Aliases Found Wandering, Confused, Along Canberra Street
A man who was found wandering dazed, confused and highly agitated in the Parliamentary district of Canberra has been identified
Lou Reed
Greg Hunt Pays Tribute To Lou Reed, “One Of The Greatest Basketballers Of Our Time”
Environment Minister Greg Hunt released a statement this morning, praising the career of the late Lou Reed, who died at
political expenses
Australians Instructed To Use The Term “Illegal Aeronautical Arrivals”
Australians have been told they will now need to refer to trips taken by politicians to visit investment properties or
George Brandis Bookshelf
George Brandis’ Bookshelf To Be Used To House Asylum Seekers
The very real prospect of Attorney-General George Brandis’ enormous bookshelf going to waste has been averted, with the Coalition today
Slumber party
China Uncertain Who To Invite To Sleepover, Now That Australia Is Best Friends With Japan
The news that Australia is now best friends with Japan has thrown a spanner in the works for China’s slumber
Tony Abbott satire
Photos Of Candidate’s Daughters To Be Included On Ballot Papers
In an effort to make the voting process more straightforward, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will include pictures of each
Australian satire
Even That Quiet Guy In Your Office Who Rides To Work Is A Drug Cheat
That quiet guy in IT who rides to work on an old shitty bike each morning takes EPO, it has
political satire Australia
Australian Newspapers As Surprised As Anyone About Refugee Readership Numbers
Australia’s struggling newspapers may have been thrown a lifeline in the form of the lucrative refugee readership segment
Australian satire
When We Said We Wanted The Australian Dollar To “Go Down”, We Actually Meant “Stay The Same”
Australians have come to the realisation that life will be an absolute misery with a lower Australian dollar. It comes
Horse Told It Can Stop Running Around In Circles
A horse was told yesterday that it no longer has to run flat-out in a circular motion with a small
utility bills
EXPOSED: It’s not just electricity; your water and gas bills could go up too if you increase usage
In stunning revelations today, experts have warned that a wide range of your household bills could go up if you
Shock As Teenage Girl Says Meeting One Direction Was Only ‘Second Best’ Day Of Her Life
In a stunning admission yesterday, thirteen year-old Melbourne school girl Taylor Scholes said that her encounter with boy band One