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Sport In 2025 To Be Just A Coin Toss And A Few Fireworks
In an effort to make them faster and more appealing to younger audiences, sports like tennis and cricket will be
parliament house
People Caught Entering Parliament House With Their Agendas Hidden
A special investigation has revealed serious security breaches at Parliament House in Canberra, with evidence to suggest people have regularly
george clooney
George Clooney’s Farts ‘Perfect’, Says Media
Actor George Clooney’s farts have a cheeky, but refined elegance, the world’s media reported today
labor to close down
Labor Party To Close Down Until After Iraq War
The Australian Labor Party will be packed into a sturdy box and placed in a casual storage facility until the
Tony Abbott satire
Abbott To Send In 3-Star General To Secure Australia’s Internet
Following a week of confusion about the exact details of Australia’s data retention policy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott moved to