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shorten and turnbull covfefe
Shorten, Turnbull In Solidarity With COVFEVE
The PM and the Opposition Leader have both expressed their support for COVFEVE overnight, in a rare show of bipartisan agreement
Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer Apologises For Losing Focus. Promises To Go To Concentration Camp
Besieged White House press secretary Sean Spicer has issued another heartfelt apology for his Hitler gaffe this week, saying he
Last Resort: Syrian Rebels Consider Launching Devastating Online Petition
After more than 5 years of armed conflict, Syrian rebels are turning to increasingly drastic measures, with some now considering
Waleed Aly Yet To Apologise For Terrorist Attacks
Australia’s highest-ranking Muslim is mysteriously yet to apologise on behalf of his religion for the attacks that took place in
sonia kruger
Sonia Kruger Calls For Wall Between Australia and Mexico
Following her appeal for Muslim immigration to be banned, television personality Sonia Kruger has called for a wall to be
richard di natale profile
On The Campaign Trail With Richard Di Natale
We’re 158km north-east of Melbourne on the highway towards Albury, and Richard Di Natale – leader of The Greens ­–
Bill Shorten To Scrap Entire GST System To Avoid Having To Talk About Tampons
Australia will not have a goods and services tax if a Labor Government is elected, following Bill Shorten’s pledge to dismantle the system
lego character
Authorities Shoot & Kill Lego Character After Boy Falls Into Enclosure
A rare 4-foot tall Lego character has been shot and killed at an exhibition in China after a small boy
turnbull & shorten
At Last, An Election About Boats
Australia will finally have an election campaign that deals with the possibility of asylum seekers arriving by boat, after almost
Trump Vows To Stop Birds Migrating To America This Summer
Donald Trump says he will put an end to the ‘unsustainable’ mass migration of birds to the US for the
Republican Establishment Longing For Sensible, Coherent Days Of George W Bush
With the prospect of Donald Trump winning the Presidential primary seeming increasingly likely, moderate Republicans have started to wonder whether
New Senate Ballot Paper To Double As Massive Sudoku
Voters at the upcoming Federal election will now be given the choice of placing a ‘1’ above the line, or
This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20 Barista Tells Real Estate Agent
A small flat white is expected to fetch north of $1, a real estate agent was told at his local
Motoring Enthusiast Party Concerned Abolition Of Negative Gearing Could Make Parallel Parking Too Difficult
The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party has called for compulsory negative gearing in all vehicles, saying Labor’s proposed abolition of the
Articles With Images Of Breasts Designed Just To Get Clicks, Experts Say