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Banksy Reveals Latest Installation
The large-scale satirical artwork is named ‘The Australian Government’
russian transcript of inauguration
Historic! Here’s The Original Inauguration Speech Before It Was Translated Into English
Главный судья Робертс, президент Картер, президент Клинтон, президент Буш, президент Обама, дорогие американцы, и люди мира: Спасибо. Мы, граждане Америки,
Trump rally
White, Male, Billionaire ‘Outsider’ Candidate Elected President, In Big Middle Finger To Establishment
Americans have sent the strongest possible message to the nation’s establishment, electing a 70 year-old rich white man from New
pauline hanson royal commission
10 Other Things Pauline Hanson Should Call For A Royal Commission Into
One Nation Leader and likely new senator Pauline Hanson has wasted no time in reminding Australians of what we’ve been
david feeney interview
David Feeney To Spend Remainder Of Campaign Locked In Small Box
Saying they had no idea how to stop David Feeney from making a dick of himself, the Labor Party has confirmed
malcolm turnbull house tips
Malcolm Turnbull’s 5 Tips For Owning Your Own Home
It seems like breaking into the property market is tougher than ever. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes the Australian
BBQ Shapes
OUTRAGE: Nothing in Budget For Australians Affected By Change To Arnott’s Shapes Recipe
This year’s budget has done absolutely nothing to compensate the millions of regular Australians affected by Arnott’s decision to change the
virgin flight grant hackett
New Safety Briefing To Remind Passengers To Check For Grant Hackett Before Take Off
Passengers on Virgin flights from today will be told to familiarise themselves with their nearest Grant Hackett, remembering it may
One Helpless Little Turnbull Tax Policy Dies Every 5 Minutes. Please, Join Our Appeal.
Wear a top hat this Friday to help raise awareness for the plight of Turnbull Tax Policies. Or, if you
tim wilson
We Rely Too Much On Government, Says Man Reliant On Government
A man who says government should be drastically cut back and its institutions sold off, has agreed to be paid
The Shovel Academy: How To Front A Royal Commission Or Government Enquiry
Perhaps your organisation has been busted hacking a schoolgirl’s phone. Or maybe you lived and worked with dozens of child
leonardo dicaprio oscars horse
Leonardo DiCaprio Arrives At Oscars Inside Horse Carcass, In Desperate Last Attempt To Impress Judges
Saying he didn’t want to leave anything to chance this time, actor Leonardo DiCaprio made a stunning red carpet entrance
Facebook Adds Cory Bernardi Emoticon To Its List Of New Reactions
Facebook launched its new range of ‘Reactions’ around the world today, giving people the chance to label a post as
Compromise Solution Reached: George Pell To Travel To Australia Without Heart
After several days of negotiation, Cardinal George Pell has agreed to travel to Australia for the sexual abuse Royal Commission,
bronwyn bishop austerity
Bronwyn Bishop Named Australia’s Special Envoy For Austerity
A day after Philip Ruddock was announced as Australia’s Special Envoy for Human Rights, former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been