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new austarlian flag
Design For Proposed New Australian Flag Unveiled
A bold design for a new Australian flag was revealed today, as part of a renewed push to replace the
lance armstrong essendon
Lance Armstrong Offers To Show Essendon How To Cheat Properly
Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has contacted AFL club Essendon, offering to reveal the missing step in the
mark latham 2
New TV Show To Just Be Mark Latham Swearing At A Brick Wall For 30 Minutes
The Nine Network has commissioned a 12-episode run of former Labor leader Mark Latham saying ‘shit’, ‘fuck’, ‘poo’, and ‘wee’
joe hockey defamation
Hockey’s Wife Forced To Raise Rent To Pay For Defamation Legal Fees
A night in Melissa Babbage’s Canberra home will rise from $271 to $850,000 today
cricket satire
Australia’s Self Esteem Back To Safe Levels
Australia’s image of itself has been cautiously raised to ‘manageable’ after the nation won five games of sport in a
Miley Cyrus satire
Humanity Accepts That It’s Probably Going To Have To Give Miley Cyrus Some Attention Soon
Miley Cyrus is one, maybe two, outrageous performances away from getting us to look up from what we’re doing, it