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Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch Furious The Sun Didn’t Get Scoop On Secret Rupert Murdoch Tapes
News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch says his flagship tabloid The Sun missed ‘the story of the year’ when it was
Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch Divorce Settlement: Wendi To Get Kids, Australia
Rupert Murdoch’s recently estranged third wife Wendi Deng will take over control of the couple’s children and Australia as early
Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch Updates His Online Dating Profile
Newly single and with a spring in his step, media mogul Rupert Murdoch was back on the prowl this morning,
Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch to step in as host of Everybody Dance Now
Media mogul and dance connoisseur Rupert Murdoch has announced he will be taking over as host of the Ten Network’s Everybody
Rebekah Brooks says she ‘can’t recall’ whether she left the iron on
Several key questions remained unanswered this morning after an eventful day at the Brooks’ Chipping Norton residence during which an


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