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G20 Summit
Penis Size To Be Included On Name Placards At Upcoming G20 Summit
In an effort to calm growing tensions in the lead up to next month’s G20 Summit in Brisbane, the event’s
putin birthday
Birthday Boy Putin ‘Humbled’ By Intricately Stage-Managed Spontaneous Outpourings Of Emotion
A visibly surprised Vladimir Putin said he had “no idea” the Russian people were planning such an elaborate compulsory pageant
obama drone satire
Obama Takes Time Out From Flying Drones To Tell Putin Not To Invade Ukraine
Asking a colleague to cover his shift, US President Barack Obama briefly took a break from flying unmanned drones in
Putin To Re-Enact All 98 Gold Medal-Winning Performances In Closing Ceremony ‘Extravaganza’
In a treat for Winter Olympics fans, Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally re-enact every gold-medal performance from the Sochi
Tony Abbott satire
Putin And Abbott Bond Over Bare-Chested Tiger Wrestling
Any animosity between Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Russian President Vladimir Putin at yesterday’s APEC meetings was put to
Putin Divorces Wife, Marries Himself
Just a week after announcing his divorce from wife Lyudmila, Russian President Vladimir Putin has married himself in a glamorous
Vladimir Putin eats a Rottweiler in a show of manliness
Any doubts about Vladimir Putin’s suitability for Russia’s top job were quelled this morning when the former KGB operative turned