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Putin Admits He Forgot To Vote In Midterms
A sheepish Vladimir Putin has confessed he totally forgot to vote in yesterday’s US midterms, despite a concerted push in
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Winner Of US Election Meets With Donald Trump In Helsinki
The winner of the 2016 US Presidential election took time out from his busy schedule to meet with Donald Trump
Russians voting
Russians Did Not Influence Outcome Of Russian Election
Russians have played absolutely no role in shaping the outcome of the recent Russian election, international observers say
Putin election
Russian Election: Putin Scrapes In With Just 101% Of Vote
Russian President Vladimir Putin has narrowly retained office, obtaining just over two out of every two votes in the recent
putin and hanson
Putin Moves To Distance Himself From Pauline Hanson
Russian leader Vladimir Putin moved swiftly to reassure his people that he is no way associated with Pauline Hanson and
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Putin Happy To Let Trump Do Day-to-Day Running Of US
Just days before his inauguration, Vladimir Putin says he is pragmatic about his new role in the US, and is happy
Man Who Rigged Entire Russian Government System May Not Be Paying Tax
The world is in shock this week after reports revealed a Russian man who has subverted the democratic process, engineered
Putin Fighting Off Monster Cold With Bare Hands
Russian President Vladimir Putin has a cold, aides have confirmed. The biggest, toughest, best looking, most charismatic cold ever
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Shirts Compulsory At All G20 Meetings, Say Organisers
In what some have described as overly draconian measures, the organisers of this week’s G20 Summit in Brisbane have set
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“From Now On You’ll Do As I Say” Abbott Tells Putin, In Hard-Hitting Imaginary Conversation
Getting right up close in his face and whispering “things are going to be on my terms now, sunshine”, Tony
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Birthday Boy Putin ‘Humbled’ By Intricately Stage-Managed Spontaneous Outpourings Of Emotion
A visibly surprised Vladimir Putin said he had “no idea” the Russian people were planning such an elaborate compulsory pageant