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putin illegal voting
Illegal Votes? Reports Mysterious Foreigner Voted 3 Million Times In US Election
Donald Trump’s repeated claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the recent presidential election appear to be true,
oval office desk
Trump Watches Prostitutes Urinate On Oval Office, In Traditional Presidential Handover
In what has become an elegant and essential component of the presidential transition, new president Donald Trump oversaw the traditional ‘pissing on
Trump 100 days
World Utterly Un-Shocked By News President-Elect Paid Prostitutes To Urinate On Him
The world has heard the news about the future leader of the free world paying to be urinated on by
Postage & Packaging
Malcolm Turnbull Skols Glass Of ’88 Shiraz-Grenache At SCG
Malcolm Turnbull has gone one better than former PM Bob Hawke, downing a whole glass of reserve Barossa Shiraz-Grenache in
Last Resort: Syrian Rebels Consider Launching Devastating Online Petition
After more than 5 years of armed conflict, Syrian rebels are turning to increasingly drastic measures, with some now considering
Russia Interfered In US Elections, CIA Reveals In Their Last Ever Report
Russia helped Donald Trump become President, the CIA reported this week, in their final briefing before being abolished
turnbull calls election
Turnbull Makes Quick Call To Cory Bernardi Before Settling On Which Tie To Wear Today
Saying he wanted to avoid a messy backflip later in the day, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got on the front
trump-phone toy phone
Aides Secretly Replace Trump’s Cell Phone With Toy Phone
Advisers for Donald Trump have sneakily swapped the President-elect’s phone with a plastic Fisher Price device, which they say he
steven mnuchin
Trump Appoints New Treasury Secretary From Grassroots, Anti-Establishment Outfit ‘Goldman Sachs’
Staying true to his promise to rid Washington of its ties to elitist insiders, President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed Steven
Racism Now Called ‘Tapping Into Political Sentiment’
Being a bigot has been renamed ‘responding to the mood of the electorate’, it has been confirmed
We Analysed Donald Trump’s And Adolf Hitler’s Tweets – The Similarities Will Shock You
Many comparisons have been made between America’s President-elect and the German Nazi leader. Most have been dismissed as sensationalist, misleading,
Refugee Swap: Australia To Send Manus Island Detainees To US In Return For 50 Million Democrat Voters
The remaining 1,600 refugees held on Manus Island and Nauru will be sent to America in return for around 50
Trump campaign
Trump’s 1,418th Sexist Comment Final Straw For Outraged Republicans
Republican Party stalwarts say they are shocked at Donald Trump’s recently-revealed sexist comment, his 1,418th of the campaign
Scientists Yet To Provide Conclusive Link Between One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts And Reality
97% of the world’s scientists say they are yet to find proof that One Nation’s new Senator Malcolm Roberts lives
Women, Black People To Be Barred From Plebiscite, In Order To Preserve ‘Traditional’ Definition Of Voting
Only white men over the age of 21 will be eligible to vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite, in