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Morrison Granted Exemption To Travel To Hawaii To Prepare For Upcoming Bushfire Season
“Everyone’s fire plan is different"
Morrison promises free vaccinations for all Australians living in marginal electorates
"It's important to prioritise those most in need"
Virus Eradicated In NSW
In a rare day of positive news for the state, New South Wales has recorded zero new coronavirus cases and
back in black
Frydenberg Announces Deficit Will Be Funded By Selling 3.7 Billion ‘Back In Black’ Mugs
“This is a sensible, economically responsible, costed plan"
Coalition Unwilling To Address Coronavirus Until It Knows Exactly How Much It Will Cost
Health Minister Greg Hunt says it would be reckless to begin tackling the coronavirus epidemic until the final costs are
Greens’ Opposition To Controlled Storms To Blame For Canberra Hailstorm, Government Claims
The Greens’ opposition to controlled storms in national parks is to blame for the huge hailstorm in Canberra yesterday, the
News Corp: “We Didn’t Delete The All-Staff Email Sent By A Disgruntled Employee. It Was Burnt By Arsonists”
A News Corp spokesperson says it simply isn’t true that the company deleted an explosive all-staff email from finance manager
Religious Discrimination Bill To Finally Give Christians Some Sort Of Say In This Country
After decades of being shut out of debate and influence in Australia, Christians will at last be able to speak
Morrison Enlists Scott Cam To Head Up New Bushfire Response Team
The Block host Scott Cam is Australia’s new fire chief, the Prime Minister has confirmed. 
Morrison Agrees To Allow Protests If They Don’t Take Place In Public Or Express An Opinion 
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has softened his stance on protests, saying he is willing to allow them if they refrain
Trump Supporter With No Healthcare And No Job Not Sure How Much More Winning He Can Take 
Ron Blakey of Virginia says he can hardly handle all of the winning he’s been doing since Donald Trump became
People Forced To Find Other Ways To Be Insensitive Wankers, Now That Uluru Closed To Climbers 
Those looking to shit on culturally sacred icons will need to look further afield, once Uluru is closed to climbers
trump and sons
Trump Family Comes Together To Call Out Joe Biden’s Nepotism
Donald Trump has brought together his senior advisor and the joint heads of his business organisation (sometimes referred to as
Liberal Party Doesn’t Have Any Goddamn Fucking Issues With Bullying
There is no issue with bullying in the Liberal Party and if you can’t see that then don’t expect to
Scott Morrison Begins New Parliament By Acknowledging Traditional Owners: “We Pay Our Respects To Coal Lobbyists Past, Present And Emerging”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has opened the 46th Parliament with a moving speech that paid respects to his party’s traditional