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steven mnuchin
Trump Appoints New Treasury Secretary From Grassroots, Anti-Establishment Outfit ‘Goldman Sachs’
Staying true to his promise to rid Washington of its ties to elitist insiders, President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed Steven
Cabinet: Functioning Exceptionally Well
As you can see from the picture, our cabinet is functioning exceptionally well. Pretty much ‘as-new’ condition. For full details,
bill shorten conscience
Nation Braces Itself As Politicians Announce Plan To Use Their Conscience
Labor politicians will use their conscience as early as next week, it has been revealed
stop the boats movie
Travelling To Australia Is A Bit Treacherous, Says Movie Targeted At People Living In War Zones
A multi-million dollar movie funded by the Australian Government will point out to people facing imminent attack from the Taliban and
tony abbott
Abbott Determined To Get On With Serious Business Of Saying ‘Death Cult’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not be distracted by leadership speculation or policy development and is firmly focused
tony abbott g20
“Future Generations Will Judge Us By What We Do About The GP Co-Payment Today”: Abbott Tells G20
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told world leaders that the time to act on visits to the doctor is
tony abbott
Freedom Reduced In Order To Maintain Freedom
Government monitoring and surveillance will increase, hold-without charge laws will be re-introduced, and restrictions will be ramped up, in order
Clive Palmer Al Gore satire
Man Standing Next To Clive Palmer Actually A Replica Of Al Gore
The tall man with the American accent standing next to Clive Palmer this afternoon was a custom-made reproduction of Al
Iraq Conflict: US Looking Forward To Finishing Job They Finished 11 Years Ago
Announcing plans to send combat troops to Iraq, US President Barack Obama said today he was confident US forces would
Obama satire
Obama To Read All Briefings From Top Secret Sleeping Bag
US President Barack Obama will read all Government briefings from a high-tech goose down sleeping bag, starting next month