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port douglas
Inquiry Into MP Expenses To Be Held In Port Douglas
An upcoming inquiry into politicians’ entitlements will take place in a gorgeous beachside resort in far-north Queensland, Malcolm Turnbull has
Rod Culleton
One Nation Senator Rod Culleton Declared Vacant
Senate President Stephen Parry has ruled that One Nation Senator Rod Culleton is not all there
tony abbott injures back
Abbott Sustains Back Injury Lifting Parliamentary Entitlements
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has injured his back lifting parliamentary privileges. He forgot to bend his knees
Furious Turnbull Speaks Out: ‘We’re Being Run By Elites!’
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stormed out of the iron gates of his Point Piper residence on Sydney Harbour this
Thousands Of Australians Come Out As Straight After Eric Abetz’s Moving Appeal
Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has given heterosexual Australians all over the country the courage to tell their friends and family
Wyatt Roy Didn’t Have Permission From Government Or His Mum To Travel To Iraq
12 year-old former Liberal MP Wyatt Roy has travelled to Iraq without telling his Mum, it has been revealed
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull Advises South Australians To Cut Deal With Right Wing Of Liberal Party “It’s The Quickest Way To Get Power”
With huge storms causing blackouts across the state, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has provided some handy advice for South Australians
Waleed Aly Yet To Apologise For Terrorist Attacks
Australia’s highest-ranking Muslim is mysteriously yet to apologise on behalf of his religion for the attacks that took place in
Hanson Recycles Entire 1996 Speech, Greens STILL Not Impressed
The Greens walked out on Pauline Hanson’s senate speech yesterday, even though she pretty-much created the whole thing from re-used
‘Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between A Man And The Right Wing Of His Party’: Turnbull Says
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reiterated his thoughts on marriage, saying for him it has always been, and always will
south china sea
China To Exit South China Sea, After Linchpin Stands Down
Saying they no longer had the support of people in powerful places, the Chinese Government have announced that they will
Sam Dastyari satire
“I Am In No Way Influenced By Foreign Funding,” Chinese Government Tells Sam Dastyari To Say
“I make my own decisions, with absolutely no influence from anyone else,” a leaked set of notes compiled for Sam Dastyari
cory bernardi
Compromise Solution: Turnbull To Keep 18C, Bernardi To Keep Being A Knob
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has reached an in-principle agreement that would see Cory Bernardi drop his 18C private
iberal party 18C
Large Group Of Australians Entirely Dependent On Government Handouts, Morrison Warns
Treasurer Scott Morrison used a speech today to warn of a growing culture of dependence on Government handouts in some
mike baird socks
BREAKING: Mike Baird Bans Socks
Socks will no longer be able to be worn in Sydney after 10pm, following a new law introduced by Premier