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Hell To Relocate Main Office To Sydney
Satan has announced plans to shift Hell’s HQ to Sydney, saying conditions there are more favourable
Rural MP George Christensen Says He Went To A Manila Strip Club 28 Times To Help Break The Drought
National’s MP George Christensen has defended his right to spend as many as 300 days at a strip club in
Fire Department Sets Government Bullshit Meter To “Catastrophic”
Emergency services have responded to this week’s political shitstorm by setting the government bullshit meter to “catastrophic” – the highest
Labor: “Our Campaign Had Too Many Messages”. Shorten: “I Reject That For The Following 17 Reasons”
The much-anticipated post mortem of the Labor Party’s failed election campaign has found that the campaign was trying to communicate
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Morrison’s Spiritual Advisor Rejected Entry For American State Visit
White House officials stopped Scott Morrison from bringing his pet rock to a state visit in Washington, it has been
Gladys Liu
Gladys Liu Can’t Recall If She Is The Member For Chisholm
Liberal MP Gladys Liu says she can’t recall if she has been the member for the Victorian seat of Chisholm
Scott Morrison Calls For Newstart Recipients To Provide Vial Of Blood, To Prove How Much They’re Willing To Bleed For This Country
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for new measures that would require welfare recipients to provide a sample of their
Scott Morrison
“Pacific Nations Should Worry About Economic Growth Rather Than Fixating On Side Issues Like Being Totally Submerged Under The Ocean”: Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Pacific Island nations should stop being distracted by trivial issues like losing everything they’ve
Asylum Seekers Allowed Entry To Australia After Telling Authorities They’re Headed To Crown Casino
A boatload of asylum seekers intercepted near Christmas Island yesterday has been allowed entry into the country after they were
“How Could We Have Known At The Time That Relentlessly Booing An Aboriginal Man Because He Spoke Up On Indigenous Issues Was Racist?”
“We’re all experts now aren’t we. Sure, four years on, it’s easy to see that relentlessly booing an Aboriginal man
Government To Fight For Australians’ Right To Say Whatever They Want Unless It’s About Anzac Day
The Coalition says it is passionate about defending Australians’ right to express their opinions about absolutely anything at all (except
Climate Change Put On Hold Until Next Election
Global warming has been shelved until at least the next federal election, the Coalition announced today
Clive Palmer Could Have Won Same Amount Of Seats With Half The Spend, Analysis Shows
Expert analysis shows that mining magnate Clive Palmer could have won zero seats with just $30 million – half of
Bob Hawke Begins Arduous Task Of Deregulating Heaven’s Economy
Saying no-one else was going to make the tough choices required to bring Heaven into the 21st Century, Bob Hawke
New Government Ad Just 30-Second Clip Of Scott Morrison Burning Taxpayer Cash
After spending more than $250 million on official government advertising since January last year, the Coalition has decided to try