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Everyone In Contact With Berejiklian Over Past 5 Years To Distance Themselves Immediately
In keeping with NSW’s ‘gold standard’ contact tracing system, anyone who has had contact with Gladys Berejiklian over the past 5 years will now distance themselves immediately
Frydenberg Starts Budget Speech With Reminder That All Figures Are Correct To Closest $60 Billion
"With a small rounding error here and there, these figures are absolutely accurate"
‘We told you Labor would wreck the economy’, Frydenberg says, announcing Australia officially in recession
"We told you a vote for Labor was a vote for recession, debt and unemployment - and look where we are now".
Morrison Announces Budget Surplus Of Negative $213 Billion
"We said we'd get back in black. And that's exactly what we've done"
Dan Andrews Is Responsible For The Covid-19 Virus Which Doesn’t Exist, Andrew Bolt Says
Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is responsible for the disastrous outbreak of the coronavirus which is nothing more than a mild
‘Why The Fuck Aren’t You Social Distancing?’ Says Man Who Boasted About Going To The Footy Last Weekend
The spread of coronavirus is your fault, a man who only ten days ago said he was going to sit
Scott Morrison Defined As Non-Essential Service 
Scott Morrison is not critical to the nation’s response to COVID-19, it has been confirmed
Morrison Calls In Marketing Mates To Help Rebrand Upcoming Deficit
The Coalition Government will not deliver a deficit this year as widely predicted, and will instead oversee a ‘Surplus 2.0’,
scott morrison handshake
Scott Morrison Refuses To Accept Coronavirus Handshake Ban
The Prime Minister says he won’t be following the advice of health professionals concerned about the spread of coronavirus, and
Scott Morrison Surprises His Wife For Valentine’s Day With 12 Beautiful, Hand-Picked Equestrian Clubs
Scott Morrison has shown his romantic side, surprising his wife Jenny for Valentine’s Day with a dozen show jumping facilities
Morrison Relieved To Finally Have A Crisis That Involves Barring People From Entering Australia
After weeks of being forced to deal with the boring details of the domestic bushfire crisis, Scott Morrison says he
Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Coronavirus, Morrison Says
Talking about coronavirus while millions of people are at threat from it, is completely inappropriate, the Prime Minister says
“Credit Where It’s Due: Bettina Arndt’s Work For Men’s Rights Means Men Finally Have Influence In Australia”
EDITORIAL: The decision to award men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt an Order Of Australia for services to gender equality has
bridget mckenzie
Bridget McKenzie Insists Grants Program Provided Level Playing Field, “Especially For The Mosman Lawn Bowls Club, Which Now Has One Of The Levelist Playing Fields I’ve Seen”
Bridget McKenzie has hit back at suggestions her sports grant program didn’t provide a level playing field, saying critics clearly
Sydney Man Missing
A Sydney man who lives and works in Canberra hasn’t been seen since Monday, police have revealed. Friends, family, media,