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Bunnings announces hostile takeover bid for all 8,000 polling booths to regain control of sausage sizzle market
"It's a natural fit"
SHOCKING IMAGES! Albo caught buying a spring roll in 2003
"Further proof that he is working for the Chinese Communist Party"
Government shows commitment to reducing waste by developing environmental policy on back of envelope
"The Coalition is very committed to doing the absolute least required"
Coalition announces bold new plan to do absolutely fucking nothing
"This is an ambitious target, and we intend to meet it"
‘Nationals Have Only Had 8 Years To Make Last-Minute Decision On Climate Change’, Barnaby Says
“I’ve literally only been in politics for sixteen years mate"
“My Family Is More Important Than Your Family,” Morrison Says In Emotional Address To Nation
“I’m special and you’re inconsequential,” Mr Morrison said, his voice cracking with emotion
Sydney Man Missing
"He hasn't turned up for work all week"
Great Barrier Reef ‘Not White Enough’ Pauline Hanson Says
"The experimentation with colour hasn’t worked"
Morrison Secures 100,000 Additional Photo Opps To Help With Victorian Outbreak
"What Victorians need right now is an Instagram post of me in a fighter jet"
Peter Dutton To Take Stress Leave After Seeing Rainbow
Defence Minister Peter Dutton will take extended leave from work to recover from a ‘significant trauma’ after he spotted a
Frydenberg starts Budget speech with reminder that all figures are correct to closest $60 billion
"With a small rounding error here and there, these figures are absolutely accurate"
Morrison Sits Down With Wife To Determine Whether Masturbating On Female MP’s Desk Is Appropriate Or Not
"Jenny always has a way of clarifying things”
Everyone In Contact With Berejiklian Over Past 5 Years To Distance Themselves Immediately
In keeping with NSW’s ‘gold standard’ contact tracing system, anyone who has had contact with Gladys Berejiklian over the past 5 years will now distance themselves immediately
‘We told you Labor would wreck the economy’, Frydenberg says, announcing Australia officially in recession
"We told you a vote for Labor was a vote for recession, debt and unemployment - and look where we are now".
Dan Andrews Is Responsible For The Covid-19 Virus Which Doesn’t Exist, Andrew Bolt Says
Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is responsible for the disastrous outbreak of the coronavirus which is nothing more than a mild