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Greg Hunt Reassures Nursing Home Residents That He Was Vaccinated In March
"You can rest easy knowing that 100% of federal health ministers are now fully vaccinated"
“Trust Us On Covid App” Says Government Who Lied About Sports Grants, Water Licences, Travel Expenses, Asylum Seekers, ASIO Leaks And Robodebt
“You can trust us to use the data from the coronavirus tracking app appropriately,” says a government which secretly directed
Angus Taylor Provides Documentation To Prove Australian Drought Is Over
Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has provided newspaper The Daily Telegraph with compelling photographic evidence that the Australian drought is
high speed rail
New high speed rail will run between Sydney & Melbourne once every election year
“This is the fastest, most convenient election policy we’ll see, until it's next released in 2022”
barnaby joyce
Barnaby Joyce Says Nationals Not Married To Liberal Party. “We Just Get Together To Fuck Australians Once In A While”
Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says his party’s relationship with the Liberal Party is more of an MP-staffer style arrangement than
Australians Not Frightened Enough, Government Says
Australians are not displaying the levels of fear required of them in an election year, Scott Morrison has warned
Tim Wilson Confirms That Election Ballot Paper Will Now Contain Option To Donate To Liberal Party
Voters in the upcoming election will have the option to donate to the Liberal Party when they fill in their
tim wilson
Tim Wilson Agrees To Inquiry Into His Conduct, To Be Chaired By Tim Wilson
Liberal Party MP Tim Wilson has conceded that his running of the franking credits inquiry is conflicted, and has agreed
Tony Abbott Demands To Know Which Dickhead Signed Australia Up To The Paris Climate Agreement
Tony Abbott has used a speech to a group of climate sceptics to express his concerns about the Paris Climate
royal commission dyson heydon
Eyebrows Raised As Dyson Heydon Accidently Wears Liberal Party Cap To Royal Commission Hearing
Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon has apologised for wearing a Liberal Party cap to the Royal Commission into Union corruption this
tony abbott conscience
Now’s Not The Time To Start Using Our Conscience, Abbott Warns
Forming policy with the assistance of a conscience could derail the Government’s entire policy platform, the Prime Minister has told
budget papers
2014 Budget Offered Free With Every 2015 Budget
Any parliament that buys the 2015 Federal Budget will get the 2014 budget thrown in for free, Treasurer Joe Hockey
george brandis bookshelf
Taxpayers Forced To Fund Lifestyle Choice Of Small Group Of Australians
Australian taxpayers are footing the bill for services and privileges provided to a relatively small group of citizens living in
malcolm turnbull
Tony Abbott Has ‘Complete Support’ Of Malcolm Turnbull’s Leadership Ambitions
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he stands ‘right behind’ the Prime Minister’s strategy to make a total tit of himself