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Great Barrier Reef ‘Not White Enough’ Pauline Hanson Says
"The experimentation with colour hasn’t worked"
Indigenous Leaders Tell Pauline Hanson That Quitting Politics Would Be Disrespectful To Indigenous Australians. She Finishes Up Tomorrow.
Pauline Hanson has been told that quitting politics and going to live in a remote cave would be disrespectful to
Pauline Hanson Withdraws Support For Monarchy After Learning Meghan Markle Is In Labor
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she was shocked to learn today that the Duchess of Sussex is a signed-up
Pauline Hanson ACA
Pauline Hanson Can’t Believe How Unlucky She Is To Keep Choosing Fucking Idiots As Candidates
A tearful Pauline Hanson has told A Current Affair that choosing a bankrupt, a crazy conspiracy theorist, a homophobe, a
pauline hanson reef
One Nation Candidate [Insert Name] To [Resign/Be Detained] After [Hate Crime/Strange Fetish/Inappropriate Nazi Affiliation] Revealed
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE One Nation’s candidate for <insert electorate> has <quit/been forced out/been detained by police> after <threatening to kill
man gets on sauce
Man Has A Few Beers, Accidentally Goes To America To Ask NRA For $20 Million
Sporting a sore head, but otherwise in good spirits, Sydney man Robbie Longman says he accidentally hopped on a plane
pauline hanson port arthur
Claims Pauline Hanson Read Book About Port Arthur Massacre Dismissed As ‘Ridiculous’
Pauline Hanson’s claims that she once read a book about the Port Arthur massacre have been described as nothing more
latham and hanson
Mark Latham Has Submitted His One Nation Membership Form As Well As His Preliminary Resignation Letter, As Per Standard One Nation Policy
Saying it would save time on paperwork later on, former Labor leader Mark Latham has attached a preliminary resignation letter
one nation booklet
New One Nation Induction Booklet Now Comes With Handy Resignation Form
Incoming One Nation Senators will pre-fill out their resignation letter as part of the on-boarding process, it has been revealed
pauline hanson burqa
Hanson Shocks Senate By Arriving As Morally Considerate, Law-Abiding Woman
Pauline Hanson caused waves in the Senate again today by arriving in Question Time dressed up as a law abiding
Autistic Kids Fear Stupid Senators Holding Normal Senators Back
Dickhead senators should be separated from their peers for the good of everyone else, autistic children say
Pauline Hanson ABC
Hanson Calls For ABC Funding To Be Cut By 150%
"These latest cuts don't go far enough".
Pauline Hanson ABC
Pauline Hanson Surprised To Learn ASIO And Asia Not Same Thing
Pauline Hanson got all worked up by ASIO last week. But we think she may have just been getting our intelligence agency
one nation supporters
Tough Choice For One Nation Supporters, After Muslim Vaccination Linked To Autism
Supporters of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party will be faced with the heart wrenching decision of whether or not to
Hanson muslim ban
“#PrayForMuslimMAN”: Pauline’s Romantic Hopes Dashed By Tragic Tinder Typo
One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has made a heartbreaking typing error, writing ‘#PrayForMuslimBan’ rather than ‘PrayForMuslimMan’ on her Tinder profile