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tony abbott
Abbott Determined To Get On With Serious Business Of Saying ‘Death Cult’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not be distracted by leadership speculation or policy development and is firmly focused
Kanye West To Spend Valentines Day With The Love Of His Life. And Kim Kardashian
Rapper Kayne West says he is blessed to be able to spend the most romantic day of the year with
Samsung TV
Samsung TVs Also Quietly Judging Your Taste In Entertainment, Company Confirms
Your Samsung TV winces every time you settle in for a session of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the tech
taylor swift
Hottest 100 Win Could Be Just The Break Taylor Swift Needs, Says Manager
Taking out the top position on the annual countdown of Australia’s most popular public radio station could be the start
Government To Legislate Against Further Temperature Rises After Record Hot Year
With 2014 confirmed as the hottest year globally, and the third hottest in Australia, the Government has taken a decisive
fox news birmingham
Fox News Is A ‘No-Go Zone’ For Humans With A Brain, Expert Confirms
In a stunning disclosure today, an expert has revealed how parts of the media have become “off limits” to ordinary,
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison Looking Forward To Managing Portfolio That’s Responsible For Human Beings
Scott Morrison says it will be an exciting and invigorating new challenge to work with real people again, after more
budget papers
Struggling, Despondent Federal Budget To Receive Counselling From Nation’s $250 Million School Chaplaincy Program
Overwhelmed with incoming bills, and wondering how it will continue to support its extended family, Australia’s stressed-out budget today made
Microsoft Word Spellcheck Not About To Just Let You Change From U.S. Spelling
The Microsoft Word Language Function admitted today that, while it knows you changed the language from US English to Australian
Men Who Will Never Be Married Meet To Decide Which Other People Can Never Be Married
A group of men who have vowed never to marry or have children will meet in Rome this week to
george clooney
George Clooney’s Farts ‘Perfect’, Says Media
Actor George Clooney’s farts have a cheeky, but refined elegance, the world’s media reported today
Dog owners
Dog Owners Hold Entire Conversation Using Fake Dog Voices
Dog owners Michael Greig and Sally Burbridge conducted an extensive conversation without once using their adult voice when they met
Tony Abbott satire
Abbott To Send In 3-Star General To Secure Australia’s Internet
Following a week of confusion about the exact details of Australia’s data retention policy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott moved to
Glasgow Closing Ceremony To Feature Same Clichés As Opening Ceremony, Just Deep-Fried
The closing ceremony for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games will feature the same tacky stereotypes that appeared in the Opening
george brandis bookshelf
Work For Dole: Jobless To Spend 25 Hours A Week Building New Bookshelf For George Brandis
Australians who receive unemployment benefits will be required to work up to 25 hours each week on the construction of