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manager offers to clean up giant mess he created
Manager Selflessly Offers To Help Clean Up Giant, Stinking Mess He Created
Saying it was important to pitch in and work together, Operations Manager Andrew Jenkins offered to help staff clean up
man leaves soul at office
Man Accidently Leaves Soul Back At Office
Accountant David Raul arrived home last night only to discover that he’d forgotten to take his soul with him
office satire
Work Colleague Who Knows Truth About 9/11 Also Has Interesting Theory About MH370
Office worker Richard Hubert knows what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370, he told colleagues today
office satire
‘Strategic’ And ‘Innovative’ To Be Part Of All Mission Statements By 2020
A leading marketing body has called for all company mission statements to include the words ‘strategic’, ‘innovative’ and ‘solutions’ within
2014 Shaping Up To Be Quickest Year Ever, Work Colleague Confirms
“It’s already February” account manager Jodie Burns told colleagues today. And if her predictions are correct, it will soon be
office satire
Workers Looking Forward To Not Listening To What Colleagues Did For Christmas
Office workers around the country can’t wait to switch right off when their colleagues tell them all about how they