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Obama Starting To Wish He Never Left Kenya
Responsible for the outbreak of Ebola and suffering a humiliating defeat in the midterm elections, US President Barack Obama is
Iraq War Remake To Feature Similar Storyline, Better Special Effects
Washington Studios has announced plans to dust off perennial favourite ‘Iraq War’ for a 2014 remake that it says will
obama drone satire
Obama Takes Time Out From Flying Drones To Tell Putin Not To Invade Ukraine
Asking a colleague to cover his shift, US President Barack Obama briefly took a break from flying unmanned drones in
Obama satire
Obama To Read All Briefings From Top Secret Sleeping Bag
US President Barack Obama will read all Government briefings from a high-tech goose down sleeping bag, starting next month
Obama Reaches Out To Angela Merkel: “I Know How You’re Feeling. No, Really.”
US President Barak Obama has reached out to Angela Merkel after it emerged US Government agencies may have been tapping
America Has “The Best Mass Surveillance System Since East Germany”: Obama
As high-level talks between China and the US wound up in California on the weekend, US President Barack Obama stressed
Concerns That “Obama Is Only Human” Claims May Actually Be Correct
The man who in 2009 won a Nobel Peace Prize using just an inspirational turn of phrase and apparently once
Inauguration Crowd Patiently Waits While Obama Lists America’s ‘Limitless Possibilities’
It was supposed to be a rhetorical device. President Obama’s speechwriters inserted the phrase “America’s possibilities are limitless” into the
Romney: “Obama had an unfair advantage: policies”
Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has defended his campaign performance, claiming he lost because the race wasn’t run on a
Aaron Sorkin reassures American liberals: “Don’t worry, I’m writing a backup plan in case Obama loses”
Acclaimed television writer Aaron Sorkin says he’s not overly concerned about the closeness of the polls for the upcoming Presidential
Obama promises not to fuck around with Valium before tomorrow’s debate
US President Barack Obama has made a commitment to his staff that he won’t experiment with hardcore sleeping medication before