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north korea missile failure
North Korea Launches Terrifying New ‘Ultra Short Range Missile’
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un has once again raised the stakes in the arms race, unveiling an ultra short-range missile
Doctors Desperately Trying To Photoshop Kim Jong-Un Back To Life
Gravely ill and suffering from suspected heart issues, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was last night being operated on by
north korea satire
Kim Jong-un Considers Extending North Korea’s Bedtime Until 8:30pm
North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un says he’ll have a think about changing the nation’s lights out time, after it
Kim Jong Un satire
North Korean Basketball Team Won Next Wednesday’s Exhibition Game Against US, Local Report Reveals
An exhibition basketball game in North Korea next Wednesday, between a Dennis Rodman-led team of former NBA players and a
satire America
USA Delays Intercontinental Missile Test, Due To Fears It May Have Been Misinterpreted As An Intercontinental Missile Test
The United States military has put its planned testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile on hold due to concerns North
Kim Jong-Un satire
Kim Jong-Un Facing Tough Choice Between Nuclear War And Jam Doughnut
North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un was today weighing up whether to start a nuclear war with arch enemy the