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taylor swift
Hottest 100 Win Could Be Just The Break Taylor Swift Needs, Says Manager
Taking out the top position on the annual countdown of Australia’s most popular public radio station could be the start
Rolf Harris
Relief As Humanity Realises It Can Stop Pretending To Like Rolf Harris’s Music
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport is awful and the wobble board is just plain weird, the world finally admitted today
eurovision russia 2016
Russian Eurovision Entrant Annexes Best Parts Of Ukraine’s Song
Saying it was the best outcome for everyone, Russia’s Eurovision act today took the chorus and large swathes of the
Eminem jokes
Boy Trying To Remember The Name Of That Song Where Eminem Raps About Himself
Teenager Ryan Stacpoole can’t for the life of him remember the name of that Eminem song where the rapper refers
billy ray cyrus jokes
Billy Ray Cyrus To Re-Release Fully Clothed Version Of His Daughter
US Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus today announced plans to release an updated version of the smash hit he made in
Justin Bieber comedy
Justin Bieber “Turning Into A Bit Of A Weirdo” Says Michael Jackson
In an interview from Heaven yesterday, dead pop star Michael Jackson said he was concerned about the wellbeing of teenage
Celine Dion satire
Man Spent 15 Years With Celine Dion Song Stuck In His Head
German doctors say a man spent fifteen years with “My Heart Will Go On” stuck in his head, following a
Daft Punk
Surprise! Daft Punk Take Off Their Helmets
The secretive robot-house duo Daft Punk is actually Greg Page and Anthony Field from the Wiggles
Mumford and Sons
Man Trips Over His Banjo, Accidently Writes Next Mumford & Sons Album
He’s only been learning the instrument a week, but when Melbourne man Jeremy Knight tripped over his banjo in the
New Neighbours Theme Tune Will Actually Just Be The Sound Of A Lawnmower And A Couple Having Noisy Sex
The company that produces Neighbours, Fremantle Media, has announced plans to revamp the theme tune of the famous soap opera
Status Quo
Status Quo Says Music Career Has Panned Out “Pretty Much As Planned”
Francis Rossi, frontman for English 70s rock band Status Quo, claims there is nothing left for the band to achieve,
kim and kanye
Kanye And Kim’s Foetus Already An Annoying, Narcissistic Twat, Sources Say
The unborn child of rapper Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian has taken on the attributes of its
Gangnam Style satire
Hipster claims he was into PSY waaaay before Gangnam Style
Korean internet sensation PSY flies into Australia tonight to promote his hit song Gangnam Style, but one fan says he’d
Alan Jones satire
Alan Jones puts forward suggestions on how to fill airtime, now that his show has no advertisers
With sponsors of Alan Jones’s 2GB breakfast program abandoning the show en-masse this week, the Sydney broadcaster has been left
Chris Brown jokes
Chris Brown gets the word ‘Loser’ tattooed on his forehead
Controversial American singer Chris Brown has been seen in a Los Angeles nightclub showing off his latest tattoo – a forehead