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Iraq War Remake To Feature Similar Storyline, Better Special Effects
Washington Studios has announced plans to dust off perennial favourite ‘Iraq War’ for a 2014 remake that it says will
Iraq Mission Being Blatantly Disrupted By Federal Budget, Says Government
Concerns have been raised within Cabinet that local issues may be diverting attention from the more important matter of Australia’s
Children Threat Under Control, Says Israel
Scores of Palestinian children will no longer pose a threat to the security of Israel, intelligence personnel have confirmed
Iraq Conflict: US Looking Forward To Finishing Job They Finished 11 Years Ago
Announcing plans to send combat troops to Iraq, US President Barack Obama said today he was confident US forces would
flappy bird satire
Finally, Point Of Flappy Bird Revealed
Players who successfully complete Flappy Bird will solve the decades long dispute between Israel and Palestine, it has emerged. Flappy
Iran satire
Iran Releases Images Of New Stealth Fighter Helicopters
The Iranian Government has today released images of a new combat helicopter, which it says has the capacity to strike