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coalition women
Liberal Party Commits To Having 50% Women In Seats Shown On Camera By 2025
The Prime Minister has used International Women’s Day to announce a bold new target that would see at least half
Turnbull Hits Back At Criticism Of His Home’s NBN Connection: “14 Of The Bedrooms Don’t Have Internet Connectivity At All!”
Responding to reports that his harbour-side mansion had been specially connected to high-speed NBN, Malcolm Turnbull today pointed out that
Malcolm Turnbull partner
Fucking The Electorate Still OK, PM Says
Malcolm Turnbull has clarified his controversial ‘sex ban’, saying screwing the general public was still well within ministerial guidelines
malcolm turnbull
Turnbull Living Boyhood Dream Of Desperately Clinging To Power
For as long as he can remember, Malcolm Turnbull has wanted to be an inconsequential, powerless leader at the beck
Turnbull Says NBN Is
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the
malcolm turnbull energy
‘National Energy Guarantee’ Aimed At Securing Power For Australian Households And Malcolm Turnbull
Australian families and the Prime Minister will be able to enjoy reliable power for the foreseeable future, following the announcement
turnbull leather jacket
Malcolm Turnbull’s Leather Jacket Pens Heartfelt Plea For Freedom
In a rare break from its characteristic silence, Malcolm Turnbull’s leather jacket has written an open letter to the Prime
turnbull calls election
Turnbull Makes Quick Call To Cory Bernardi Before Settling On Which Tie To Wear Today
Saying he wanted to avoid a messy backflip later in the day, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got on the front
malcolm turnbull power
Turnbull Confident Of Retaining Keys To Lodge (Or As He Likes To Call It ‘My 28th Home’)
Malcolm Turnbull says he is confident his party has the numbers to form a majority government, but is not concerned
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull Talks Up Smaller, More Agile Coalition
A leaner, more streamlined Coalition in the upper and lower houses will be able to more effectively compete in the fast-paced
turnbull cayman
Turnbull Makes Quick Campaign Stop In Caymans
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has spent day 382 of the election campaign touring local banking facilities in the Cayman Islands,
malcolm turnbull panama
Turnbull On Panama Papers: “Virgin Islands Most Logical Place To Set Up A Siberian Mining Company”
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hit back at suggestions he was part of a tax avoidance scheme centred in the
malcolm turnbull house tips
Malcolm Turnbull’s 5 Tips For Owning Your Own Home
It seems like breaking into the property market is tougher than ever. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes the Australian
One Helpless Little Turnbull Tax Policy Dies Every 5 Minutes. Please, Join Our Appeal.
Wear a top hat this Friday to help raise awareness for the plight of Turnbull Tax Policies. Or, if you
turnbull holding cards
‘The Time For Playing Games Is Over’ Turnbull Says, Asking Crowd To Pick A Card, Any Card
Today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull paved the way for a double dissolution election. Here is the transcript of his speech