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Olympics satire
Thousands of Britons report feeling a strange, unfamiliar sensation: ‘winning’
GPs and hospitals around Britain have been inundated with calls from concerned residents who say they are experiencing ‘contentment’, ‘joy’
sports satire 100m final
The view from Mars: 8 men run flat out to avoid getting hit by an empty bottle
As the Curiosity rover touched down on Mars just hours ago, NASA scientists had a rare chance to shoot the
James Magnussen final
Hardcore Aussie sports fans disgusted with Magnussen’s ‘massive’ loss
It was America’s Nathan Adrian first, daylight second and James Magnussen a distant third. Or so it seemed to some
Nick Green
Australia Urges Britain To Call Off Olympics
After four days of competition and with just one gold medal to its name, Australian has politely asked the organisers
Commonwealth Bank takes blame for 4×100 relay loss
The Commonwealth Bank has come forward this morning taking full responsibility for Australia’s shock loss in the 4 x 100
London 2012 queues “the best ever” according to British queue enthusiasts
There’s been a lot of focus on London’s world-class Olympic venues, but the queues for tickets – some up to
British Invasion
London Olympics opening ceremony to feature breathtaking re-enactments of British invasions
In Sydney it was giant thongs and Kylie Minogue, in Athens Greek Gods flying above the stadium and in Beijing