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Microsoft Word Spellcheck Not About To Just Let You Change From U.S. Spelling
The Microsoft Word Language Function admitted today that, while it knows you changed the language from US English to Australian
Motoring Enthusiast Party satire
Headline Writers ‘Fuming’ Now That Motoring Enthusiast Party Following Palmer
When the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party announced its alliance with Clive Palmer last week, it wasn’t just a case of
Essendon football club
Essendon Players Forced To Inject Clichés Into Interviews
EXCLUSIVE: Just hours after allegations broke that Essendon players may have been forced to inject performance enhancing drugs into their
Darrell Lea
BREAKING: Newspaper editors run out of chocolate-related puns to describe Darrell Lea demise
It started as a case of rich pickings but quickly turned into an all-out binge. As Darrell Lea – one
Awkward silence after senior manager uses the word ‘funky’ in a meeting
Employees at a city accountancy firm are still reeling after one of the senior partners allegedly used the word ‘funky’
afl cliches
Wilkie calls for mandatory pre-commitment on football clichés
Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie today called for voluntary caps to be set on the number of clichés used by