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mardi gras
God Sends Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps To Eternal Gay Mardi Gras
Fred Phelps Snr, the former pastor of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church, will spend at least the next 10,000 years
Middle Class Dog Weighed Down By Family’s Growing Expectations
Five month old Cavoodle Horatio Stockwell was this morning wondering if he’d ever live up to his family’s expectations
climate change satire
Climate Change No Longer A Threat, Reader Poll Confirms
Those concerned about climate change can rest easy, following a reader poll in a popular newspaper that revealed the phenomenon
Paul Keating satire
Paul Keating Almost Certainly The Best, Most Humble Prime Minister Ever, Says Paul Keating
Most of the significant human achievements of the past fifty years were the brainchild of Paul Keating, Paul Keating has
Tony Abbott satire
New Science Discoveries To Be Taken To Manus Island For Processing
Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being permanently removed,
Clive Palmer satire
Clive Palmer Announces Plans To Build A Parallel Universe Where People Take Him Seriously
Mining billionaire and aspiring politician Clive Palmer today revealed plans for his most ambitious building project yet. Dubbed “The Universe
Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch Updates His Online Dating Profile
Newly single and with a spring in his step, media mogul Rupert Murdoch was back on the prowl this morning,
Daft Punk
Surprise! Daft Punk Take Off Their Helmets
The secretive robot-house duo Daft Punk is actually Greg Page and Anthony Field from the Wiggles
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Melbourne’s Myki Ticketing System
Abdul Hameed Muhammad, a senior figure in Al Qaeda has declared that the terrorist group is behind ‘Myki’, Melbourne’s new