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Australia’s 1.2 Million Epidemiologists Take To Social Media To Provide Valuable Expert Advice 
With Australians struggling to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation’s 1.2 million epidemic experts have rushed to social
Scott Cam Just Demolished His Reputation On Live TV. Now 5 Lucky Couples Get To Rebuild It!
In a new twist on reality TV favourite The Block, host Scott Cam has completely demolished his own reputation, ready
People Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Are Most Likely To Die From Coronavirus, New Research Confirms 
People who think toilet paper is the most important thing to stock up on during a viral outbreak are probably
Doubts Cast Over Seriousness Of Coronavirus, After Only 97% Of Scientists Claim It Is Real
A growing number of politicians and commentators have questioned the need to treat coronavirus, with many pointing out that only
Prince Andrew Says He Can’t Talk To FBI Because He Doesn’t Have Vocal Cords
Prince Andrew has used a series of hand-written signs to reveal that he has a rare vocal cord condition which
under 9s cricket
Under 9’s Fast Bowler Shortens Run-Up To Just 140 Metres
Eight year-old express bowler Jai Matthews has confirmed his next delivery will be off a short run of just 140
Marie Kondo Says She Launched Online Store To Allow People To Declutter Their Bank Accounts
Decluttering queen Marie Kondo had defended her decision to open a new online homewares store, saying she wanted to provide
scott morrison wearing a stupid cap
7 Phrases Scott Morrison Learnt From His Empathy Consultant To Make Him Sound Like A Human Being
This week it was revealed that the Morrison government paid $190,000 to receive advice from empathy consultants. The Shovel can
Nostalgic! Marvel Announces Plans To Make Reboot Of 2018’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
Cashing in on the nostalgia for early 2018 culture, Marvel Studios has announced plans for a modern reboot of the
60 Minutes Reveals Shocking Royal Abuse Scandal (And No, It’s Not Prince Andrew Sexually Assaulting A Minor)
Viewers who expected 60 Minutes Australia’s program about royal ‘scandal’ and ‘abuse’ to be about a prince accused of raping
New MasterChef Challenge Gives Contestants 60 Minutes To Prepare Beautifully-Constructed Illegal Wage Payment Scheme
In a new twist on Australia’s favourite cooking competition, MasterChef contestants will have exactly one hour to cook up the
We Analysed Meghan And Kate’s Body Language And … Then Stopped Because It Is Weird And Totally Unimportant
A frame-by-frame analysis of Princesses Meghan and Kate at Wimbledon this week showed that we had way too much time
Man’s Conversation Skills Entirely Reliant On Simpson’s References
Saying it was like that Simpson’s episode where Homer breaks his jaw and can’t speak, a Sydney man has admitted
Israel Folau Forced To Use Innovative New Service ‘GoFundYourself’
Funding for the legal action Israel Folau himself initiated, to defend the bigoted statement he himself chose to post, has
Link Between Large Headphones And Nagging Sense Of Superiority, Research Finds
People who wear oversized headphones have a far better taste in music than you, it has been revealed