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US Lifeguards To Carry Sharks, To Protect Beachgoers From Future Shark Attacks
Donald Trump has proposed radical new measures that would see lifeguards on US beaches carrying live sharks, in an attempt
fox news
U.S. news bulletin to now give overview of the day’s news, sport, mass shootings and weather
"We'll start with headlines, then move to day-to-day stuff like shootings and weather"
David Leyonhjelm
Gun Crime Would Be Lower If We Followed Example Of Nation With Highest Gun Crime, Says Senator Leyonhjelm
If Australia had more guns, we would have fewer shootings, just like they do in America, Liberal Democrat Senator David
Gun control satire
Rich, Middle-Aged Men Go Into Bat For Underprivileged Psychopaths
They say a measure of a civilisation is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens
Guns Should Be Allowed To Vote, Says America’s NRA
America’s National Rifle Association (NRA) says giving the country’s 300 million firearms the right to vote in national elections is
National Rifle Association proposes psychological testing for all movie-goers
The National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s peak gun lobby, says it has found a way to stop future gun massacres