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Google Accidently Pays Tax In April Fool’s Day Gag Gone Wrong
"Fuck! Now we've only made $800 billion profit"
google lab
Google Launches Funky New Tax Avoidance Lab
Tech giant Google today welcomed staff to a futuristic new workspace on Sydney’s Darling Harbour that will become a hub
Google+ Still Going, Researchers Claim
A small community of Google+ users has been discovered in northern California, years after they were assumed to have died
Google satire
Google Already Knows How You Will Waste This Afternoon
Forget any plans you had for a productive day. Google already knows that you’ll spend the best part of the
New Yahoo logo
YAHOO! to become YAHOO? – Logo changed to reflect growing irrelevance
Internet company Yahoo! has finally faced the reality that it is nothing more than a poor man’s Google, announcing yesterday