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phone ringtone
Direct Correlation Between Shitness Of Ringtone And Time Taken To Find Phone In Handbag, Research Confirms
The more infantile a person’s ringtone, the longer it will take them to realise the phone is theirs, search through
paleo bar
New Paleo Bars Replicate The Convenience And Packaging Of Stone-Age Snack Foods
A new range of paleo bars replicate the ease, convenience and colourful packaging that cavemen would have been accustomed to,
justin bieber
Bieber Cancels World Tour Citing Unethical Conditions: “I Had To Listen To Justin Bieber Songs Every Night For Months”
Justin Bieber says a work contract which forced him to listen to truly appalling music night after night was unreasonable
coffee addiction
“I Can’t Function In The Morning Without Telling People How Dependent I Am On Coffee”
Melbourne woman Lucy Bailey literally can’t get going in the morning until her third, or sometimes even fourth, conversation about coffee
donald trump junior
Donald Trump Jr Says Meeting With Russia Was ‘Nyet Big Deal’
Claiming that his twenty minute meeting with a Russian lawyer was nothing more than a Простой разговор между двумя незнакомцами,
Trump and Sons
Parents, Remember To Tell Your Child They’re A High Quality Person Today
In the hustle and bustle of modern daily life, it can be easy to forget the simple power of words.
Donald Trump North Korea
US Threatens North Korea With Official Trump Visit
America has responded strongly to North Korean military aggression, threatening to launch a full scale visit by President Donald Trump
Beyonce twins
Beyoncé, Jay-Z Name Twins ‘Paywall’ And ‘Ca-ching’
Power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have given their new twins the gorgeous names ‘Paywall’ and ‘Ca-Ching’, which they say are
jam beer glass
New Hipster Bar Now Selling Jam In Schooner Glass
A local pub in Bondi has started selling organic, fair trade raspberry jam in schooner glasses, after realising they were
rain man
Dustin Hoffman Reveals: ‘I Got Vaccinated So I Could Properly Portray The Autistic Side Of Rain Man’
Dustin Hoffman has never been one to do things by halves. For the 1982 movie Tootsie, Hoffman wore woman’s clothes
it's june
Fuck, It’s June
More as the story unfolds
phone science
Science Is A Hoax, Man Types On Small Electronic Device That Can Do Everything
Science is an elitist fraud, a man has typed on a 150 gram device that can take photos, make phone
putin illegal voting
Illegal Votes? Reports Mysterious Foreigner Voted 3 Million Times In US Election
Donald Trump’s repeated claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the recent presidential election appear to be true,
russian transcript of inauguration
Historic! Here’s The Original Inauguration Speech Before It Was Translated Into English
Главный судья Робертс, президент Картер, президент Клинтон, президент Буш, президент Обама, дорогие американцы, и люди мира: Спасибо. Мы, граждане Америки,
Google Accidently Pays Tax In April Fool’s Day Gag Gone Wrong
"Fuck! Now we've only made $800 billion profit"