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christmas tree
Weird family puts dead tree in corner of living room
Man Who Remembers Bowl Of Prawns From 1988 Doesn’t Know Who Put Up To $1 Mil In His Bank Account
"I'm not across all of the detail, sorry"
We want to be careful not to reveal this person’s identity, but a senior government minister has massively fucked up his defamation case
Melbourne cup betting
Uncertain Melbourne Cup Punter To Just Choose Betting Agency Based On Name, Colours
“I quite like the name Centrebet. But I like UBet’s colours. Maybe I'll put a few dollars on each"
Andrew Bolt furiously penning think piece about how George Pell couldn’t possibly be expected to know that paedophilia was inappropriate
News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt was today putting the finishing touches to an opinion piece which will argue that people
Pell Back In Prison After Being Caught Eating A Kebab In A Park
George Pell is back behind bars tonight after being busted eating a late-night snack in public
BREAKING: Virus Released Into Community
Authorities are warning people to stay indoors after a nasty virus was released into the community today
Child surprised to learn that Santa dresses up as Dad for other 364 days a year
“Everything makes sense now"
iphone 8
New iPhone 8 Battery Life Expanded To Accommodate Centrelink’s Average Hold Time
In a nod to its Australian customers, tech giant Apple has unveiled a new iPhone with a beefed up fourteen-hour
Outrage! North Korea Drops Nuclear Test Just DAYS After Taylor’s Single
In a twist no one saw coming, North Korea has thrown serious shade at T-Swift by releasing their nuclear test
ronald mcdonald
Ronald McDonald Statues To Be Removed – Found To Be Offensive To Absolutely Everyone
More than 12,000 Ronald McDonald statues will be torn down over the next month after it was realised they were
the project
Channel Ten To Air The Project Eleven Nights A Week, In Attempt To Reverse Ratings Decline
Channel Ten will extend its flagship news and entertainment program to a further five nights a week, as ratings across
Smoking e-Cigarettes Significantly Lowers Risk Of Looking Cool, Report Finds
Vaping decreases the risk of contracting cancer and fitting in socially, a report has found
phone ringtone
Direct Correlation Between Shitness Of Ringtone And Time Taken To Find Phone In Handbag, Research Confirms
The more infantile a person’s ringtone, the longer it will take them to realise the phone is theirs, search through
paleo bar
New Paleo Bars Replicate The Convenience And Packaging Of Stone-Age Snack Foods
A new range of paleo bars replicate the ease, convenience and colourful packaging that cavemen would have been accustomed to,


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