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hot cross buns
Hot Cross Buns In Supermarkets Already
Hot Cross Buns have begun to appear on supermarket shelves, it has been revealed
jennifer aniston pregnant
Jennifer Aniston Gives Birth To 10-Year-Old Child Following Prolonged Pregnancy
After more than a decade of pregnancy rumours, Jennifer Aniston has finally given birth to a healthy 10-year-old boy, believed
dog food
Dog Descended From Wild Animals May Die If Not Fed $80-A-Bag Food
A small dog whose ancestors survived for thousands of years on scraps and raw meat can only stomach a scientifically-developed
self checkout machines
Supermarket Looking To Hire Casual Self Checkout Machines For Busy Christmas Period
A local supermarket has put the call out for self checkout machines that are available to work Friday nights and
australian tax gst
Increase In GST To Create Fairer, Broader System Where Apple Still Pays No Tax
A modern Australia requires a broader-based taxation system where multinationals like Apple, Ikea, and Chevron pay their fair share of
peter dutton asylum seeker
Nation Willing To Offer Cash For People Smuggler To Leave Country
Australians have pitched in to offer a pile of hundreds as an enticement for an alleged people smuggler to leave our
sausage cancer
Vaping Sausages May Be Safer, Word Health Organisation Says
Electronic sausages and bacon may assist in the process of quitting, the World Health Organisation said today. 
star wars the last jedi
Star Wars Releases New Film To Tie In With Merchandise
A new feature length film has been rushed into production to be ready in time for the next instalment of
dog best day ever
Today Best Day Ever Since Yesterday, Dog Confirms
Today is the most amazing day in the world ever, local dog Rufus has reported. It comes after yesterday and
food on board
Food On Wooden Board Same As Food On Plate
Food served on a polished chopping board is identical to food supplied on a plate, it has been revealed
Donald Trump Believes In Sanctity Of Being Married Three Times
Billionaire and US Presidential candidate Donald Trump says marriage should be between a man and a woman, and then another
check phone
Australians To Use Today’s Leap Second As Valuable Opportunity To Check Phone Again
Australians are reminded to wind their clocks back by one second tonight, when a leap second is added to the
cafe beard
New ‘Real Café™’ Nespresso Machine Comes With Beard
Billed as “the closest thing to actually being in a café”, the new Nespresso coffee pod machine comes with bushy
apple watch
Human Life Now Entirely Taken Up With Checking Things
Humans now have something to do in the dead time between checking their phones and checking their iPad
corporate barbie doll
New ‘Corporate’ Barbie Doll Earns 85% Of Ken’s Salary
She’s ambitious, smart, and earns almost as much as Ken did for the same role in 2002. Meet the new