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Smug Man Who Shut Down His Facebook Frantically Looking For Way To Tell Friends And Family
Feeling very pleased with himself after shutting down a social media service that most other people don’t have the discipline
facebook run
Facebook Outage Crisis: Man’s Friends Totally Unaware He Went For 7.2km Run This Morning
Friends and family of Sydney man John Reice were overwhelmed and confused this morning, after a Facebook outage meant they were
Mark Zuckerberg Wows Crowd By Reciting Address Of Everyone Present
Looking relaxed and wearing a casual grey t-shirt and jeans, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stunned a University crowd yesterday by
Facebook Announces New ‘Boring’ Tag For Boring News Feed Items
Facebook will begin the introduction of a ‘boring’ tag to help users distinguish between items on their newsfeeds that are
Facebook satire
Facebook’s 10th Birthday Cake To Be Decorated With Colourful Pieces Of Your Personal Life
Staff at social media juggernaut Facebook will be celebrating their company’s 10th birthday today by gorging on a giant cake,
Facebook satire
‘Honest’ comment about friend’s baby leads to social media crisis
Over the past six months the Facebook friends of Julie Opey have been subjected to literally hundreds of status updates,
Shock As Teenage Girl Says Meeting One Direction Was Only ‘Second Best’ Day Of Her Life
In a stunning admission yesterday, thirteen year-old Melbourne school girl Taylor Scholes said that her encounter with boy band One