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ABC To Include QAnon Updates In Bushfire Alerts, To Ensure They’re Acceptable To Facebook
"We need to include more Facebook-appropriate information, like unproven treatments for COVID-19, or made-up theories about vaccines"
Anti-trust hearing cancelled after Google CEO starts randomly finishing interrogator’s sentences
“What do lions eat? What do graphic designers do? What does lmao mean? All great questions and thanks so much for your interest”
mark zuckerberg
Facebook Doesn’t Store Your Data, Mark Zuckerberg Assures James Samuel Wilson Of 1/45 Malvern Ave, Heidelberg Heights
Wishing him a happy birthday for last week and complimenting him on the new shirt he bought today, Mark Zuckerburg
facebook privacy
New Facebook Privacy Setting Allows Users To Stop Posting Intimate Details Of Their Personal Life
New privacy controls on Facebook will allow users to decide whether or not to post details of their relationship status,