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malcolm turnbull power
Turnbull Confident Of Retaining Keys To Lodge (Or As He Likes To Call It ‘My 28th Home’)
Malcolm Turnbull says he is confident his party has the numbers to form a majority government, but is not concerned
If An Election Were Held Today We’d Be Massively Underprepared, Electoral Commission Says
Neither Malcolm Turnbull nor Bill Shorten would win an election if it were held today, because the AEC hasn’t even got
sophie mirabella the shovel
Mirabella Reveals: “Even Voters Are Against Me”
Following her allegation that the Liberal Party is trying to undermine her, Sophie Mirabella now claims that voters may be
turnbull calls election
Turnbull Launches Election Pitch: “I Was Fucking Born For This”
Saying it would be a very dangerous plan to mess with fate, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reminded voters that


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