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australian satire
Corporal Punishment, 1950s To Be Reintroduced To School Curriculum
Students who misbehave in class will be hit with a strap and told to wait in the 1950s until they
university fees
University Fees To Rise To $100k, Or 28,000 ‘Middies’
The cost of attending university in 2017 will be the equivalent to a big night out, according to financial modelling
Every Child In Classroom Is Most Talented, Teacher Discovers
All grade five students at a local Adelaide primary school are the best in their class, it was revealed today
diary of a wimpy kid
Government to ban Diary Of A Wimpy Kid from primary school curriculum
Reiterating his belief that ‘we don’t want wimps’, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today advised the heads of the upcoming school
Melbourne school bans students from having a personality
Students at a primary school in Melbourne’s outer east will no longer be allowed to have a personality. The surprising